Laredo order mandating covering of nose, mouth applies to truckers

April 3, 2020

Land Line Staff


With many emergency orders around the country expressly exempting trucking from the mandates, a new order in Laredo, Texas, definitively includes truck drivers.

On March 31, the mayor of Laredo signed an amended citywide emergency ordinance to include a mandate that all individuals over the age of 5 cover their nose and mouth when in public. A spokeswoman with the city of Laredo confirmed this order includes truck drivers.

The order states:

Covering of Nose and Mouth. Except as provided herein, all persons over the age of five (5) are required to wear some form of covering over their nose and mouth, such as a homemade mask, scarf, bandana, or handkerchief, when: entering into or inside of any building open to the public; when using public transportation, taxis, or ride shares; or when pumping gas. This Section shall not apply to persons that are: engaging in a permissible outside physical activity; that are riding in a personal vehicle; that are in alone in a separate single space; that are with their own shelter group (household members); when doing so poses a greater health, safety or security risk; or for consumption purposes. The penalty for a violation of this section shall be a Class C misdemeanor punishable by a fine of not more than one thousand dollars ($1,000.00).”

The spokeswoman stressed that truckers did not have to wear the masks when inside their trucks but only when interacting with the public outside of their trucks. She also emphasized that it could be bandanas or some other nonconventional mask.

The Laredo order contains much more than the mask mandate. It also includes a stay-at-home order, a list of essential businesses that can continue to operate, and other provisos.

Dale Watkins, OOIDA’s manager of business services, recommends calling ahead when picking up or delivering not just in Laredo but anywhere with the stay at home or shelter in place type of orders.

Laredo’s amended order went into effect on April 2 and runs through April 30, unless it is rescinded earlier.


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