Kentucky farmers take it upon themselves to warn sleeping truckers about booting risk

October 25, 2019

Greg Grisolano


A trio of Kentucky farmers took it upon themselves to wake up several sleeping truckers and warn them about a booting brigade at a local Walmart.

WKYT-TV reports that the men were shopping late one night at a Walmart in Berea, Ky., when they noticed a security company booting truckers – without giving them much in the way of warning.

Video submitted to the station appears to show an employee with R and R Parking Management “gently tapping” on a sleeping driver’s door, before proceeding to boot the vehicle.

“They’ll knock, barely tap on the door, that way they know (the driver) won’t wake up so they can boot them anyway,” Chris Young, one of the men who took it upon himself to alert the sleeping drivers of what was happening, told the TV station.

According to the station’s report, Young and his friends said that they felt compelled to warn the drivers of what was happening once it became clear to them that the towing company was not.


“It’s common decency to say, ‘Hey, you should have read that sign. You need to move now,’” Young said in a video confrontation with an unidentified employee of the towing company.

A previous report by WKYT in August focused on booting at the Walmart in Willamsburg, Ky., off of Interstate 75. The company doing the booting at that location was also R and R Parking Management.

WKYT’s initial investigation in August was prompted by a viral video that was featured in July’s Parking Zone, which shows a trucker at a Kentucky Walmart getting a barnacle and truckers upset with the company representative responsible for the penalties. Now, we have the details.

OOIDA and booting

The Owner-Operators Independent Drivers Association has run into booting problems before.

In September, Land Line Media reported on OOIDA seeding clarification from the Colorado Public Utilities Commission about the regulation of private vehicle “booting” companies in the state. OOIDA wants to make sure commercial vehicles are covered under the new rules in Colorado. Read more here.

Greg Grisolano

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