Kansas Turnpike tolls to rise in October but mostly for cars

July 23, 2018

Tyson Fisher


Toll rates on the Kansas turnpike will soon increase for electronic and cash customers in passengers. Meanwhile, tolls for electronic customers of commercial vehicles will remain mostly stagnant and cash customers will see an increase, the Kansas Turnpike Authority said.

The following adjustments to tolls will begin Oct. 1:

  • Electronic commercial vehicles (five or more axles using a K-Tag or compatible device) may see an adjustment due to rounding electronic fares to the nearest nickel and realize a savings of up to 18 percent off cash tolls.
  • Commercial vehicle cash customers will see an increase of 10 percent, whereas passenger cash customer tolls will increase by 12.5 percent. All cash fares will be adjusted to the nearest quarter, which could cause variances in the percentage increase.
  • Electronic passenger vehicles will see an approximate 5 percent increase and a savings of up to 25 percent off cash tolls.

Click here for current commercial toll rates. Future toll rates for cash customers can be found here and future rates for electronic customers can be accessed here.

According to a statement from Steve Hewitt, CEO of the Kansas Turnpike Authority, approximately 60 percent of travelers use an electronic transponder such as the K-Tag or other compatible devices.

Toll increases come as the turnpike continues to seek funding for projects in its 10-year program outlined in the 2015 Long Term Needs Study. Such projects include maintenance, modernization of facilities, potential new roadways/lanes and replacing pavement, bridges and drainage structures.

“KTA continues to be fiscally strong,” Kent Olson, KTA’s director of finance, said in a statement. “However, a modest toll adjustment is necessary to pay for preservation and modernization projects using cash on hand rather than issuing new debt. With this adjustment, KTA will increase the discount for its more efficient electronic toll collection program.”

In a news release, Hewitt said the Kansas turnpike rate per mile is one of the lowest in the country.

The last toll increase was in 2016 when rates increased by 10 percent for commercial cash customers. In 2013, rates increased by 5 percent for all Class 5 and above customers. Historically, rate increases have been more for passenger vehicles than commercial vehicles with a few exceptions. In 1991, rates went up for commercial vehicles only at a 12 percent increase. In 1980, tolls increased by 30 percent for Class 5 and above vehicles and only 10 percent for passenger vehicles.