I-10 Corridor Coalition needs truckers’ input in parking survey

October 8, 2020

Tyson Fisher


The I-10 Corridor Coalition is collecting information about truck parking and needs input from drivers.

Consisting of state Departments of Transportation for Arizona, California, New Mexico and Texas, the I-10 Corridor Coalition is beginning work to install a truck parking availability detection and information dissemination system. The system will be located at public truck parking locations along the Interstate 10 corridor from California to Texas.

First, the coalition needs valuable data from truckers who use the corridor. A survey is available to identify the needs of truckers. That information will help the coalition better understand what challenges or issues drivers may face when searching for truck parking along the corridor.

To take the I-10 corridor truck parking survey, click here.

According to the survey, the I-10 truck parking availability system will monitor, collect and communicate real-time information about availability along the corridor. TPAS will help truckers and dispatchers find safe, convenient spaces at public rest areas. The system will monitor and report on available spaces at 37 public rest areas providing approximately 550 spaces.

I-10 truck parking system map

Last April, the I-10 Corridor Coalition received a $6.85 million grant from the U.S. Department of Transportation to build TPAS. The four state DOTs matched that grant, bringing the total funding to $13.7 million.

More information about TPAS can be found here.

The I-10 TPAS is similar to the Truck Parking Information Management System in the Midwest. Earlier this year, the Mid-America Association of State Transportation Officials conducted a similar survey to guide its implementation of TPIMS.

In 2015, the eight Midwest states were awarded a share of a $25 million TIGER grant for a regional TPIMS project. Each state received approximately $1 million to more than $3 million. All eight states also will contribute a 10% match of the deployment costs. The Minnesota Department of Transportation’s portion costs approximately $1.4 million while the agency contributes $177,500.

TPIMS sends truckers parking availability information through traveler information websites, dynamic truck parking signs along interstates and smartphone apps.

For more information about TPIMS, visit TrucksParkHere.com.