Houston police: Protesting truckers’ claims of wage theft will be investigated

April 22, 2020

Land Line Staff


The chief of the Houston Police Department says his agency will investigate claims of wage theft by truckers who blocked the city’s East Loop with a rolling protest on Monday.

Calling wage theft “inexcusable” and a criminal offense, Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo promised his agency would investigate the protesting drivers’ claims.

A Houston Police Department spokesperson confirmed to Land Line Now that the department’s Major Crimes Unit would investigate the drivers’ claims.

According to local media reports, nearly 70 truckers, many of whom were described as independent operators, staged a protest Monday by parking in the southbound lanes of the city’s East Loop, otherwise known as Interstate 610.

The drivers claimed that freight brokers were holding out on paying wages the truckers were owed. Many of the trucks were decorated with protest signs in English and Spanish.

According to Acevedo, the protesting truckers all received citations and one individual was arrested for inciting a riot.

Land Line Now’s Terry Scruton contributed to this report.


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