Hold my trucking bloodbath while I disrupt the transportation apocalypse

August 9, 2019

Wendy Parker


This just in: the 10 millionth headline professing a trucking bloodbath/apocalypse finally took me over the edge of disruption. I’d like from here out to block all media using the word “bloodbath” when discussing the disruption of the apocalyptic end of trucking.

Drama much, y’all? Dang. You’d think from some of these pieces every trucking company on Earth has suddenly become a pit of hell and high water. There’s this thing called a thesaurus – it’s neat as heck. You can use other words in place of words you’ve run so far into the ground that people like me are compelled to write about it.

Get one.

Meanwhile, the experienced drivers who’ve been doing this longer than the disruption dingbats have been alive, told everyone 10 dang years ago that a combination of the EPA standards and the ELD time restrictions would eventually highlight just how broken the hours-of-service regulations are. It’s not a surprise, folks.

And even though every indication of a glut in the market is there, the ATA still says there’s a driver shortage. I think they’ve clung to this lie for so long they can’t force themselves to let it go. Fact is, their propaganda is one of the reasons the industry is hemorrhaging and will continue to do so as long as the megafleets keep churning through drivers like toilet paper. No one is ever going to make a decent wage when no one on the road has more than three months of experience driving a truck. And that’s how the megas like it. Low wages equal higher profits for the fat cats.

Add the continuous skullduggery of the FMCSA and special interest safety groups – very few of which have members/employees with any professional driving experience whatsoever – and no wonder the industry has taken a destructive hit when it comes to wages. It seems like every single time you get ahead of the ball a little, someone decides to plop a new rule down that inevitably costs the driver a wad of cash one way or another.

Yet, the professional, small-business driver remains statistically the safest on the road. But none of the safety groups ever mention that. In fact, they cherry-pick stats and leave others out to improve the scariness of their message to the general public, who are constantly seeing headlines about trucking bloodbaths and apocalypse all over the place. No one who is unaffiliated sees a “trucking bloodbath” headline and thinks “business.”

Believe me. Their mind goes directly to “Oh my God, the truckers are out there killing everyone on the road, someone CONTROL them!”

Words matter. They really do.


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Wendy Parker

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