Guilty By Association Truck Show announces new biennial schedule

August 3, 2018

Wendy Parker


The Guilty By Association Truck Show celebrates its 10th anniversary Sept. 27-29 in Joplin, Mo.

After this year, organizers plan to make it a biennial event.

The event is presented by 4 State Trucks, Joplin.

“Our GBATS vision is most definitely to ‘keep the show growing’ and get better and better each and every event to ensure the ‘best show ever’, and a more memorable weekend for attendees.” said Brice Martin, co-owner of 4 State Trucks. “Moving to a one year on and one year off schedule will allow us to come up with more ideas, attractions and unique activities, and also help us set aside a bigger budget to keep GBATS exciting, and on the must-see list of our loyal customers and friends.

“By making this scheduling change, it’s really the next step in the GBATS history books. It will help us continue to put on one of the most fun trucking events in the USA.”

This year, OOIDA will be joining the festivities in a big way. The official 45th OOIDA Anniversary Party will be celebrated at the 2018 show. Festivities have been expanded to three nights and two days, officially kicking off Thursday night.

The first Guilty By Association Truck Show 2008 had 38 trucks in attendance. GBATS 2017 attracted 510 participating show trucks, with an estimated 10,000 attendees.

“The growth of GBATS over the last nine years has been a wonderful thing,” Martin said. “We are blown away by how many of our friends, fans and fellow truckers look forward to our big September celebration. With GBATS 2017’s huge success and growth, we are expecting around 600 working show trucks in attendance for GBATS 2018.”

This show is not only a big weekend for truckers to come together. It’s also a fundraiser for the Special Olympics of Southwest Missouri. The Saturday Convoy fundraiser raised over $102,000 last year.

GBATS is presented by 4 State Trucks. Started in 1979, 4 State is a family owned and operated heavy-duty truck parts and accessory dealer. They have more than 38 years of experience in providing customers with the parts and service they need at prices they can afford.  Chrome Shop Mafia was introduced in 2003 as a truckers’ club. It offers -cutting-edge customization and fabrication for big rig trucks.