FMCSA sets 2019 UCR fees; collection begins next week

December 28, 2018

Jami Jones


For the second year in a row, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration slid in under the end-of-the-year wire and finalized the Unified Carrier Registration fees for 2019 and 2020 on Friday, Dec. 28.

The UCR fees were published in the Federal Register, going into effect immediately, kicking off the collection period. FMCSA was delayed in publishing the fee schedule earlier because of a need to reduce fees from previous levels. Because of that delay the agency invoked the Administrative Procedure Act. That act allows agencies to make rules effective immediately with good cause, instead of requiring publication 30 days before the effective date.

Since 2016, motor carriers paying into the UCR program have overpaid the revenue due to the 41 participating states. The UCR board recommended reducing starting in 2018. The fees were again reduced in 2019 with the official publication. For example, for the smallest motor carrier the 2019 fees are $14 cheaper than they paid in 2017 and $7 cheaper than in 2018.

UCR fees for 2020 also were set in the final rule, and, while they show an increase over the 2018 UCR fees, they still remain lower than 2017 fees.

UCR fees for 2019

Fleet size Fee
0-2 $62
3-5 $185
6-20 $368
21-100 $1,283
101-1,000 $6,112
1,000 or more $59,689


UCR fees for 2020

Fleet size Fee
0-2 $68
3-5 $204
6-20 $407
21-100 $1,420
101-1,000 $6,766
1,001 and more $66,072

OOIDA members can get assistance with submitting their fees through the Permits and Licensing Department. They will begin processing UCR payments starting Jan. 2. Motor carriers must pay the fee within 90 days.

(Editor’s note: Land Line will continue to provide updates on deadlines and enforcement activities contingent on the rule’s effective date.)