FMCSA makes new diabetes assessment form available

November 20, 2018

Mark Schremmer


FMCSA’s new Insulin-Treated Diabetes Assessment Form (MCSA-5870) is now available.

The agency posted the form on Nov. 20, the day after the public comment period ended.

FMCSA announced a final rule in September that no longer requires insulin-dependent truck drivers to acquire an exemption to operate in interstate commerce. The agency was required to provide a 30-day public comment period until Oct. 19 on the new Insulin-Treated Diabetes Assessment Form (MCSA-5870). However, an editing error established Nov. 19 as the rule’s effective date and as the final day of the public comment period.

To make sure everyone who planned to submit a comment on the form has time to do so, OMB withdrew its approval of the form. After the comment period ended, OMB approved the form with no changes.

The Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association has long fought against the initial prohibition against drivers with insulin-treated diabetes and more recently the exemption process they had to complete just to drive.

“We are pleased and heartened that the agency has made the decision to do this. The reality has always been that these drivers have demonstrated their commitment to highway safety and to maintaining their health,” said OOIDA President Todd Spencer. “All the research shows that individuals with diabetes, under stable control with insulin, are no less safe of a driver, and we are pleased that the agency has finally recognized it.

“We hope that this will start a trend. Drivers who have demonstrated their skills and exceptionalism should realistically expect to be treated better, as opposed to continuously having to jump through new, time consuming and expensive hoops.”


Editing error delays approval of Insulin-Treated Diabetes Assessment Form