Florida DOT reminds drivers of truck lane restrictions

December 18, 2020

Tyson Fisher


The Florida Department of Transportation is reminding motor carriers of truck lane restrictions on certain highways in the state.

In an effort to reduce crashes caused by lane changes, FDOT is pushing an information campaign about truck lane restrictions. Most of those restrictions are on Interstate 95 in South Florida and Interstate 75 from the Georgia border to the turnpike.

Specifically, truck lane restrictions apply to six-lane interstate freeways. According to FDOT, affected interstates primarily consist of rural interstate sections. Trucks are not to use the left or inside travel lane. Violations of the restrictions include a minimum fine of $121. Also, three points will be assessed to the driver’s CDL.

Truck lane restrictions apply only to tractor-trailers. Tour buses and recreational vehicles are not part of the lane restrictions.

According to a news release, truck lane restrictions are in place to improve safety by reducing weaving maneuvers during passing to prevent truck conflicts and crashes with vehicles. Restrictions on I-95 have been in place for 30 years. On I-75, the restrictions have been around for 20 years.

On the other hand, FDOT is also reminding other motorists to do their part as well. Part of the campaign includes an image showing motorists where not to drive around a truck. Specifically, the image depicts the “No Zones” of a tractor-trailer.

FDOT truck lane restrictions - No Zones

Additionally, the educational campaign is reminding passenger vehicle drivers that the left lane is not for cruising. Rather, the left lane is for passing, traffic build-up and allowing emergency vehicles to pass.

Although the restrictions apply to only tractor-trailers, all motorists share equal responsibility when it comes to road safety, FDOT’s campaign highlights.

There are truck lane restrictions on five sections of I-95, three sections of I-75, two sections of the turnpike and one portion of I-4. Roadside signs will inform truckers of which segments are part of the restrictions. To see an interactive map of where these restrictions are, click here. LL

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