Figure out the owner-operator angles by taking Truck to Success

September 30, 2020

Land Line Staff


Becoming an owner-operator is an important decision and not to be taken lightly. OOIDA is dedicated to helping professional truck drivers be profitable and successful, so it created the Truck to Success course addressing the issue.

Here are two reasons for signing up for the Truck to Success course that a driver weighing the owner-operator option needs to consider.

1. Gaps in your knowledge

On some things, no doubt, a driver knows a lot before even considering becoming an owner-operator. A driver has knowledge from being behind the wheel and from other drivers, friends and family. Even with all that, it is tough to know what you don’t know. You need an outline to help you ask the questions and get the information you need to be successful. Even if a driver trusts his sources of knowledge, it is good to get corroboration or clarification. The Truck to Success course can help.

2. Focus

The staff at OOIDA headquarters are friendly and excited to help you be successful. Take this opportunity to network with staff and others with everyone focused on the broad topic of becoming an owner-operator. Sure, you can ask questions at a truck show or at a truck stop or anywhere – or call OOIDA HQ anytime – to get answers. However, at Truck to Success there will be fewer distractions. Everyone involved knows the topic at hand and wants to dig deeper.


Set aside the time to look at the question of becoming an owner-operator from all angles. Maybe have a friend, colleague or family member sit in on the course or parts of the course. It doesn’t have to cost anything extra for a second person to sit in. They might say, “Yeah, that’s like what I was telling you” or possibly “I guess I didn’t have that part exactly right.”


Truck to Success course topics:

  • Developing a business that addresses marketing, financial and operational aspects of the business, including knowing the costs and finding ways to reduce or control them. Read more here.
  • Drug and alcohol testing, which becomes more complex when a driver becomes an owner-operator. Read more here.
  • Leases can tell you a lot about carriers, and drivers need to read the fine print. Read more here.
  • Getting your own authority. Read more here.
  • Tax consequences and opportunities for owner-operators. Read more here.
  • Financing. Get advice on credit applications, bureaus and scores, and financing options. More details here.
  • Buying right. Get advice on buying new or used, making sure you spec your truck right, and about financing options. Read more here.
  • Load boards. Learn how to make them work for you from DAT Solutions, which operates the largest freight exchange for spot market freight. More details here.


Registering for Truck to Success

The 2020 Truck to Success course will be offered via Zoom web conferencing. It is scheduled for Oct. 26-28. Tuition will be $250, which is about half the in-person course cost last year, and there won’t be travel expenses.

There are a limited number of logins available for the course. If more than one person wants to view the course from one computer with one login, they are welcome to do so. If a guest needs their own login, there is an additional guest charge of $150.

Attendees will be asked to indicate whether they would like to receive a physical copy of the Truck to Success course materials or an electronic copy.

Sign up to attend OOIDA’s Truck to Success course by Oct. 12 and get a free one-year membership as an added perk.

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