Exemption for drivers transporting fuel issued in Colorado

July 3, 2023

Land Line Staff


A temporary waiver of hours-of-service regulations for drivers hauling fuel has been issued by the Colorado State Patrol.

Effective through July 15, the exemption pertains to commercial drivers transporting gasoline, diesel and aviation fuels. Commercial transporters of non-blended ethanol products intended for use in the production of gasoline products can also operate under this order.

“The Colorado State Patrol recognizes the importance of timely and consistent heating and transportation fuel deliveries in Colorado for public safety functions as well as consumer needs,” the order said.

The relief from state and federal requirements is approved under the following guidelines:

  • The exemption shall expire on July 15, 2023.
  • The exemption shall only apply to commercial transporters who are hauling heating fuels, propane, natural gas, gasoline, diesel, aviation fuels and non-blended ethanol for gasoline production.
  • Drivers shall continue to track hours of service throughout the exemption period.

All other state and federal regulations still apply, and carriers will be responsible for monitoring drivers for fatigue.

Should it become apparent that a driver’s ability or alertness is impaired or is likely to be impaired by fatigue or illness; the driver must not be allowed to drive, according to the order.

An ill or fatigued driver is not allowed to operate a commercial motor vehicle under this order. LL

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