EIA suspends data collection for two petroleum-related surveys

May 17, 2023

Land Line Staff


Ongoing software issues were the basis for the Energy Information Administration deciding to suspend certain data collection processes.

EIA says the suspension includes data for the Refiners’/GasPlant Operators’ Monthly Petroleum Product Sales Report and the Monthly Report of Primer Supplier Sales of Petroleum Products Sold for Local Consumption.

Those two surveys primarily support data publication in EIA’s Petroleum Marketing Monthly as well as the Primer Supplier Report.

“Suspending surveys is not something we do lightly, but it is an important step in this case given the time and effort required to reconstitute the data processing system,” Joe DeCarolis, EIA administrator, said in a news release. “Continuing to collect data, in the meantime, places an unnecessary burden on our respondents, and that was a driving factor in our decision.”

EIA intends to continue updating the Petroleum Marketing Monthly crude oil prices section, according to the news release.

Software concerns

Dating back to June 2022, EIA says it has experienced software issues related to an IT systems failure.

This failure prevented EIA from processing data related to Petroleum Marketing Monthly and Primer Supplier Report.

With no short-term remedy, it was determined suspending the two petroleum-related surveys was the best course of action.

However, by choosing to suspend rather than cancel the two surveys, EIA leaves open the option to restore them in the future. LL

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