Driver declared ‘imminent hazard’ for two wrecks, positive drug test

January 4, 2018

Land Line Staff


A Montana-licensed commercial truck driver has been declared an imminent hazard by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. The declaration was made after he tested positive for a Schedule 1 controlled substance and was involved in two wrecks in 2017.

Robert Schefflmaer on Oct. 18 was pulling a tank-trailer transporting hazardous material on Interstate 80 in Elko County, Nevada, when he lost control of his vehicle, crossed the median and entered the opposing traffic lanes. The tank-trailer became separated and overturned, causing a hazmat spill of about 51,000 gallons of ammonium bisulfite and partially blocking the roadway.

Schefflmaer was required to take a post-crash drug test, which resulted in a positive finding for a Schedule 1 controlled substance (which includes marijuana, heroin, LSD, ecstasy and other drugs).

Schefflmaer had another wreck on Nov. 1 while operating a large commercial truck trailer in Montana. His vehicle overturned, killing about 20 calves that were being transported. Schefflmaer was cited for careless driving in the incident and was later convicted of it.

The FMCSA has ordered Schefflmaer not to operate any commercial motor vehicle in interstate commerce.

Failure to comply may result in action by the U.S. Attorney’s Office for equitable relief and punitive damages. Civil penalties of up to $1,811 may be assessed for each violation of operating a commercial motor vehicle in violation of the order. Knowing and/or willful violation of the order may also result in criminal penalties.