Old recall affecting 7,000 Western Stars resurrected; new recall affects 500 more

November 22, 2021

Tyson Fisher


Daimler Trucks North America is recalling thousands of Western Star trucks to fix an old problem a new way. It also is issuing a new recall after finding steering shafts disconnecting.

According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration documents, Daimler Trucks plans to recall more than 7,000 Western Star trucks model year 2017-19. However, this problem is not new.

In 2018, Daimler Trucks recalled more than 7,000 Western Star trucks after discovering issues with electrical wiring. With an increased risk of fire, a voluntary safety recall was immediately filed. At the time, the solution to the problem involved “an inspection of the pass through power stud for clearance to the bulkhead, and if required, replacement of the appropriate component.”

Now, the truck manufacturer has a different solution. Simply put, the company is skipping the inspection. Instead, all Western Star trucks affected by the recall will have their pass through power studs replaced.

According to NHTSA documents, the initial inspect-and-replace approach in 2018 was working out just fine. In April, Daimler Trucks reassessed the situation and discovered minor issues with the process. The manufacturer decided to change that process, prompting a required, new recall.

All trucks affected by the recall are model year 2017-19 Western Star trucks, models 4700, 4900, 5700, 6900.

For questions, call Daimler Trucks North America customer service at 800-547-0712 with recall number FL-907. NHTSA’s number for this recall is 21V-882.

Daimler Trucks issues separate, smaller recall

In addition to the above recall, the truck manufactureralso is recalling 2021-22 Western Start 49X trucks.

On Nov. 2, Daimler Trucks heard about a 49X where the steering shaft disconnected while the driver attempted to park. There was no crash or injury. Technicians found that the steering shaft was not properly installed. An inspection found three more trucks with the same issue.

The recall affects nearly 500 new Western Star 49X trucks.

For more information, call DTNA’s customer service with the recall number 905. NHTSA’s number for this recall is 21V-864. LL