Two Daimler Truck dealerships merge to form TNTX

January 16, 2018

Land Line Staff


Two Daimler Truck dealerships, TAG Truck Centers and the Lonestar Truck Group, have merged into a new company named TNTX.

The merger became effective Jan. 1, according a news release.

For the time being, the companies will operate as TAG Truck Center, a division of TNTX, and Lonestar Truck Group, a division of TNTX. A new name is being considered.

TAG Truck Center is based in Memphis, Tenn. TAG operates 10 Freightliner dealerships in Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, Missouri and Kentucky, and it has the Western Star franchise in Missouri and Kentucky.

Lonestar Truck Group, based in Grapevine, Texas, operates 12 Freightliner and Western Star dealerships in Texas, New Mexico, Louisiana and Arkansas and one parts-only outlet in Gurdon, Ark. Lonestar formed in 2001 as a consolidation of seven dealerships.

The merger creates a company with more than $700 million in annual sales and about 1,000 employees in 23 locations, according a news release.

Gary Dodson, CEO of the new venture, said in a news release that there would be no change in ownership and no changes in reporting responsibilities below the executive level. The companies have shared the same IT support team since 2007 and have shared other resources.

“Customers will see no difference in operating philosophies or policies as our ownership group was closely aligned, and we worked together for many years prior to this merger,” Dodson said in the news release.