CVSA ends enforcement of rear underride label requirement

February 15, 2019

Land Line Staff


If you’re missing a compliance sticker on your rear underride bar stating the bar met manufacturing requirements, don’t worry. The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance opted to end enforcement on the sticker regulation and won’t be noting the violation on inspection reports.

This all stems from a push by some safety groups, congressional office and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to study the rear underride bars or ICC bumpers as they are commonly called, according to Doug Morris, OOIDA’s director of safety and security operations.

CVSA sent the survey to its member agencies and found that the sticker or label is missing or torn up on nearly 100 percent of the trucks inspected, Morris told Land Line Now. The problem, he explained, is that it is required by the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Regulations.

Following the study, CVSA reported that enforcement of the sticker requirement was unnecessary.

“You know the labels are applied at the time of trying to manufacture, but obviously they come off, they break off, whatever. Don’t write them up,” Morris said summing up the decision.

You can hear more of the interview about the new enforcement guidance on Land Line Now’s podcast below.