October 2021


driver retention

A retention problem

DOT’s focus shifts from the so-called driver shortage to turnover issues.

Todd Spencer chairs the FMCSA Driver Subcommittee

Driver Subcommittee points to pay, working conditions

A panel of more than 20 commercial drivers met on July 28 to discuss the issues of driver recruitment and retention.

truck driver retention

Economics drive problems with retention, professor says

We don’t know nearly enough about driver turnover, how it relates to safety at the carrier level, or about the well-being of all the people it affects.

Driver Turnover

It’s time to get a handle on the realities of driver turnover

We don’t know nearly enough about driver turnover, how it relates to safety at the carrier level, or about the well-being of all the people it affects.

Emergency declaration, hours-of-service, FMCSR 395.3

Narrowing the scope

FMCSA extends emergency declaration but restricts exemption to FMCSR 395.3.

vision standards

Medical Review Board weighs in on vision standards

FMCSA’s Medical Review Board recommends increasing the vision standards for monocular drivers from 70- to 120-degrees.

Autopilot ‘not available’ in fatal Tesla crash, Tesla crashes

Tesla crashes prompt investigation

NHTSA’s Office identified 11 crashes since 2018 involving various Tesla models that crashed into parked emergency vehicles

IFTA fuel tax

Alabama, Missouri, New Jersey fuel tax changes Oct. 1

The first of October in Alabama and New Jersey marks the start date of the latest round of changes in fuel rates for states.

Clean Truck Fund rate approved by California ports

California fee proposal would ‘confiscate’ trucker income

During a Los Angeles Board of Harbor Commissioners special meeting, the vice president claims the Clean Truck Fund takes a third of truckers' income.

Mileage Tax, Welcome to Pennsylvania sign

Cashing in on cars?

Pennsylvania is considering replacing its fuel tax with a mileage tax, which could save truckers a lot of money, but there's a catch.

SR 400 express lanes infograph/map

Georgia’s SR 400 express lanes project delayed again

For the second time in two years, Georgia's SR 400 express lanes project is being delayed after the winning P3 bid was found to be too high.

legislation, state watch, bills

State Watch – October 2021

Here’s our early fall roundup of what governors signed into law in recent weeks and of other items still active.

Indiana Toll Road logo, indiana tolls

OOIDA petitions high court on Indiana tolls

Seeking more clarity about the constitutionality of the Indiana Toll Road, OOIDA has asked the U.S. Supreme Court to make the final decision.

OOIDA, other groups urge Supreme Court to hear AB5 case

California Trucking Association asks Supreme Court to hear AB5 case

The U.S. Supreme Court will soon decide whether it will hear the California Trucking Association’s arguments over the state’s worker classification law.

Werner, Driver shortage

Werner claims ‘driver shortage’ in exemption request for trainees

Citing a “historic driver shortage,” Werner Enterprising is requesting an exemption from a regulation involving student drivers.

Civil asset forfeiture, State takes $39,500 from trucker headed to an auction

Forfeiting funds?

State seizes $39,500 in cash from trucker headed to an auction.

truck parking, atlanta, overnight truck parking

No overnight parking at state rest areas?

Several states do not allow overnight truck parking at tax-funded rest areas. Find out which ones.

The Truck Parking Zone

Passing the buck on truck parking

Local parking bans may potentially have a domino effect.

kamala harris and trucking election, elections

Elections offer opportunity to have your say

The 2021 fall election is fast approaching. Land Line provides essential information to help prepare to vote. Be sure your voice is heard.

VOTE get informed, don' lose your voice sign

Voter registration: Here’s your ‘need to know’

Voter registration is the first step to ensuring your voice is heard on important issues and races at all levels of government.

Early Voting Here sign. Take advantage of early voting, absentee voting and mail voting opportunities to make your voice heard. COVID-19

Plan ahead to ensure your voice is heard

Absentee voting provides professional drivers a must-have method to ensure your voice is heard at home on Election Day.

From the 2019 Walcott Truckers Jamboree. Truck drivers

Truckers come together to make a difference

OOIDA offers resources to provide essential information for truckers to constantly be informed about important issues.

Transportation Questions

Voters in five states to decide on transportation questions

Voters in states and locales around the country will decide this fall whether to authorize additional transportation funding.

IRS per diem

IRS boosts per diem rate

The Internal Revenue Service is boosting the per diem rate for travel expenses by $3, and it takes effect Oct. 1.

Truck to Success, OOIDA's course on becoming an owner-operator

OOIDA course places truckers on the road to success

OOIDA is offering its Truck to Success course from Oct. 26-28 in Blue Springs, Mo. The course also is available on Zoom.

Fighting for Truckers website

Fighting for Truckers website gets makeover

The Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association launched an updated version of its Fighting for Truckers website in July.

Commercializing rest areas discussed on 'Live From Exit 24'

‘Live From Exit 24’ moves to prime time

In order to better accommodate OOIDA’s members, “Live From Exit 24” is being broadcast at 7 p.m. Central every other Wednesday.

2019 OOIDA scholarship logo, OOIDA Mary Johnston Scholarship

Deadline for OOIDA Mary Johnston Scholarship is Feb. 1

OOIDA Foundation’s Mary Johnston Scholarship Program has offered higher education assistance for legal dependents of OOIDA members since 1998.

Meghan McClain

Anonymous donor pays it forward

Moved after learning about Meghan’s appreciation for truck drivers from LandLine.Media, an anonymous donor gifted $2,000 to assist with her college expenses.

OOIDA: Be wary of ‘predatory’ lease-purchase agreements, MadGaines

Be wary of ‘predatory’ lease-purchase agreements

OOIDA’s Pugh warns drivers during episode of MadGaines Live.

Shell Starship 2.0

Shell Starship soars in freight ton efficiency

Shell Starship 2.0 exceeded the company’s initial efforts in 2018, demonstrating a reduction in carbon emissions on a cross-country journey.

Wages, money, trucking statistics

Trucking statistics take look at wages and operations

Land Line’s John Bendel pored over a slew of trucking statistics and relayed a few key stats that caught his eye.

zero or low emission vehicles, zero-emissions vehicles

A new target

Biden administration calls for 50% zero-emission vehicle sales by 2030.

Tire chain Laws

U.S. Tire chain law guide, 2021

A complete roundup of tire chain laws for all 50 states.

Canada Chain Laws

Canada tire chain laws 2021

A comprehensive list of Canadian tire chain laws in all 10 provinces and three territories for commercial vehicles.

freight rates winter is coming, Snow and Ice removal

States have rules in place to cover snow and ice removal

Concern about snow and ice removal from atop cars and trucks is addressed in many states around the country.

Bureau of Transportation Statistics to relaunch Vehicle Inventory and Use Survey

Bureau of Transportation Statistics to relaunch Vehicle Inventory and Use Survey

The Bureau of Transportation Statistics’ Vehicle Inventory and Use Survey will be sent out starting in February to get 2021 data.

COVID-19 vaccine, Canada, COVID vaccine

Canada not requiring vaccine for truckers

Employees in Canada’s federally regulated trucking sector will not be required to take a COVID-19 vaccine, the Canadian Trucking Alliance says.

October 2021

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Veterans Truckers for Troops Logo

15th annual Truckers for Troops set for November

The 15th annual Truckers for Troops campaign is slated for the week of Nov. 8. So far, the effort has raised nearly $700,000.

ATHS, American Trucking and Industry Leader Hall of Fame

OOIDA joins first inductees in new trucking hall of fame

OOIDA has been named to the first class of inductees to the American Trucking and Industry Leader Hall of Fame.

Bobby Bones

TV personality learns how to drive truck from OOIDA member

A stunt for one. A job for another.

SuperRigs 2021

Shell SuperRigs tabs Diorio, Nelson truck as best of show

Shell Rotella SuperRigs hosted its annual event at Love’s Travel Center in Hampshire, Ill and Rolling Transport, LLC claimed best of show.

Daniel and Phyllis Snow, SuperRigs

Above and Beyond

Daniel and Phyllis Snow, who have driven together the last 17 years, receive Go Safely Award.

Marty Ellis d rives The Spirit, the OOIDA tour trailer

Summer has been more normal, but it isn’t there yet

A summer of truck shows has been a refreshing change from summer last year for Marty Ellis, skipper of the OOIDA tour trailer.

Wheels of Time - John TeStrake

Wheels of Time – October 2021

The American Truck Historical Society’s Wheels of Time takes a look back at the history of trucks and the drivers who operated them.

trucker; dashboard confidential; inspection

Dashboard Confidential – October 2021

How cushy is it, Bill?

Slight Detour October 2021

Slight Detour – October 2021

Perilous Pigeons and other Unexpected Hazards


Roses & Razzberries – October 2021

It is time to hand out Roses & Razzberries to some guardian angels among us to rascally politicians and underpaying carriers.



How to spot a bad lease-purchase agreement

Lease-purchase agreements can seem too good to be true. The compliance specialists at OOIDA warn drivers that too often they are.

Microchip supply shortage

Here’s why you can’t get a new truck

Microchips lead the list of scarce parts that’s crippling the building of new vehicles.

Hot Stuff Cool Services, truck products

Hot Stuff & Cool Services – October 2021

Retreads, towels, and a "tactical pen" are some of the truck products on offer in the October 2021 edition of Hot Stuff & Cool Services.


Maintenance, Q&A 2021 Paul Abelson

Maintenance Q&A – October 2021

Price, quality and service


Trucking & Taxes – October 2021

Are you taking full advantage tax deductions?

Road law

Road Law – October 2021

The mechanics involved in fighting a traffic citation.