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November 2018

The professional work of OOIDA that includes behind-the-scenes efforts on countless issues, educating lawmakers through testimony and grassroots meetings as well as recognizing the support of lawmakers who go to bat for truckers.


Truck Driver behind the wheel

Drivers want to take the wheel on HOS reform

For more than a month, professional drivers attended listening sessions, logged in online, and submitted comments to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to voice their opinions about possible changes to the hours-of-service rules.

rules for diabetics

Regulatory rollback: OOIDA wins long fought battle against the initial prohibition against drivers with insulin-treated diabetes.

It took over a decade, but the FMCSA cut the last bit of regulatory red tape that stood between those with diabetes and a job behind the wheel of a truck.

broker jenga

FMCSA moves toward rule to suspend insolvent brokers

FMCSA moves forward with an advanced notice of proposed rulemaking aimed at suspending insolvent brokers who can't meet the $75,000 bond.

autonomous vehicles

What does USDOT’s Automated Vehicles 3.0 mean for trucking?

Perhaps the most significant change in trucking from the Automated Vehicles 3.0 document: a CMV driver is no longer assumed to be "human".

hair testing

Senate bill asks for explanation on delay of hair-testing guidelines

A U.S. Senate bill requires the Department of Health and Human Services to explain why hair testing guidelines for truckers haven’t been issued.

truck crash caution

Large truck crashes continue to climb

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration released preliminary figures on 2017 fatal crash statistics. Large truck crashes are on the rise.

replacement for NAFTA USMCA

What the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement means for the trucking industry

The United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement will replace the North American Free Trade Agreement. What does the new trade deal mean for truckers?

EPA logo

Lawmakers ask EPA to move back compliance date for gliders

A coalition of lawmakers led by U.S. Rep. Bill Posey, R-Fla., want the Environmental Protection Agency to delay compliance with GHG Phase 2 for glider kits.

state watch legislation

OOIDA’s State Watch – November 2018

OOIDA's State Watch for November 2018 recaps what governors signed into law recently and the latest activity on other notable efforts.

Welcome to California sign

Stateside Special: California governor signs two OOIDA-backed bills into law

Two new laws in California have been under the watchful eye of the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association.

Oregon highway

Oregon task force submits automated vehicle policy recommendation

Oregon’s Task Force on Autonomous Vehicles has submitted its final report to the Legislature, paving the way for potential new rules and regulations guiding self-driving cars and trucks.

Indiana Toll Road logo

Indiana’s truck-only toll increase already in effect

Without delay and with very little notice, Indiana’s truck-only toll increase went into effect on Oct. 5, shunning any input from the public.

South Dakota Wheat Harvest

South Dakota Supreme Court rules harvesting weight exemptions do not apply to bridges

Are bridges included in South Dakota’s overweight harvesting truck exemptions? On Sept. 26, the South Dakota Supreme Court said that they are not.

60 mph sign

Speeds up on highways south of Twin Cities

Nine more two-lane highway segments soon will have higher speed limits posted in Minnesota's Twin Cities area.

Speed limit signs

Speed limit drops 10 mph on I-74 in Champaign-Urbana area

Travelers driving on Interstate 74 better pay attention to the speed limit signs. Speed limit reductionstook place the end of August.


Judge sentences ex-chief of Pilot Flying J to 12 years for role in rebate scam

The former president of Pilot Flying J has been sentenced to more than 12 years in prison and fined $750,000 for his role in a rebate scheme.

gavel judgment

Truckers, J.B. Hunt agree to $15M settlement on decade-old wage lawsuit

A more than 10-year-old wage lawsuit against J.B. Hunt Transport neared the end as the company and a class of drivers agreed to a $15 million settlement.

medical exam room

Affordable Care Act tax penalties will be a thing of the past, but not until 2019

Although the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 eliminates Affordable Care Act’s tax penalties, those changes do not take effect until the 2019 tax year.

vaccine injections shots

St. Christopher Fund continues free vaccine program

The St. Christopher Truckers Fund is continuing its vaccine voucher program for CDL holders. OOIDA contributes to this annual effort.


In Prime case, Supreme Court dissects wording of Federal Arbitration Act

In February, the Supreme Court granted the petition to hear the case between the Springfield, Mo.-based trucking company and truck driver Dominic Oliveira.

November 2018

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John Bendel, Land Line Contributing-Editor-at-Large

Just a drink of water and a smile

Has the capacity crisis made shippers smarter? Have they finally stumbled upon the obvious?

At least one logistics business magazine is trying to help. Inbound Logistics is a well-established magazine written for corporate shippers and third-party logistics providers. The most important issue for most of them these days is capacity.

Mark Schremmer, Big Trucking, truckers

Eliminating gliders won’t lead to a huge spike in new truck sales

When the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association’s Collin Long testified in front of a House subcommittee in September, he made numerous compelling and well-founded points regarding the negative effects created by the regulation of glider vehicles.

trucking history

This Month in Trucking History – November 2018

Take a look back at some of the important and interesting milestones in trucking and transportation in November's This Month in Trucking History.


Bob Esler

Know your board: Meet Bob Esler

OOIDA Board Secretary Bob Esler brings a half-century's worth of trucking experience to the Association.


Ad*vo*ca*cy: Sometimes it’s what you don’t see

The professional work of the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association that includes behind-the-scenes efforts on countless issues, educating lawmakers through testimony and grassroots meetings and recognizing the support of lawmakers who go to bat for small-business truckers.

Collin Long testifying

The emotional stages of advocacy

OOIDA's Collin Long gives a first-hand account of The Association's advocacy in action, as he recalls testifying during a House hearing on glider kits.

Congressman Dan Lipinski

An unexpected moment with Rep. Lipinski

You never really know who you might run into when attending a trucking-related event.


Have you thanked your elected official today?

When it’s time to say “thank you,” sometimes a phone call just isn’t enough.
That was the attitude OOIDA Board Member Miles Verhoef took when an opportunity presented itself for him to meet his local congressman, Montana Republican Rep. Greg Gianforte.

GBATS Ray Martinez Todd Spencer

The fight continues

OOIDA celebrated its 45th anniversary in September, but the Association’s leaders used the event to voice the concerns of truck driver


One for the record books

“It speaks volumes for the success of GBATS and the 45th anniversary celebration of OOIDA. We were proud to sponsor the show.”

Photo by Nate Kelly

Paying it forward: Truckers combine forces to raise millions for Special Olympics

Since 2001, truck drivers around the nation have helped generate millions of dollars for Special Olympics. A truck convoy in Joplin, Mo., raised $191,175.

Jami and Jake Jones - Convoy for Special Olympics

Melting hearts and changing lives

I made my third trip north to South Dakota for the Sioux Falls leg of the South Dakota Convoy for Special Olympics this year. It was my second trip with my now-20-year-old son Jake.

Wreaths Across America

‘Overcome with tears’

The Wreaths Across America on Land Line Now segment inspired Crouse to volunteer for the nonprofit charity that places wreaths on the graves of veterans.

Noah's Ark

Just like Noah’s Ark

Call it a modern-day Noah’s Ark. Tony Alsup, an OOIDA member from Greenback, Tenn., goes into storm zones to save pets from hurricanes and floods.

Highway Hero logo

Goodyear seeks Highway Hero nominations

Goodyear honors truck drivers who risk their own safety with its Highway Hero Award.The company is calling on nominations of this year’s heroic truckers.

Shell Rotella Logo

Shell Rotella surprises trucking mentor with $10,000 on Megyn Kelly show

Deb LaBree thought the trip from Shell to New York City to appear on “Megyn Kelly Today” was plenty of a thank you for Truck Driver Appreciation Week.

Gears Guitars and Grub logo Mack Trucks

‘Gears, Guitars & Grub’ Mack Anthem Tour

Mack Trucks had six Anthem trucks with three engine specs on the road to test their fuel efficiency. Starting in Greensboro, N.C., the Mack convoy made a 1,000-mile trip to New Orleans

Cool Gifts 2018

Cool Gifts 2018

If you haven’t already begun shopping for gifts, don’t worry. Staff Writer Tyson Fisher searched high and low for ideal gifts for professional drivers.

Strange Things Filthy Lies November 2018

Strange Things & Filthy Lies – November 2018

The road can be a wild and wonderful place. It’s like the internet come true, only with fewer cats and more “nekkid as hell” characters

Dashboard confidential, Speeding

Dashboard Confidential – November 2018

None of us have time to be sick and often choose to ignore symptoms that would make the average person run for the med center. Some of us take better care of our trucks than we do ourselves.

roses and razzberries

Roses and Razzberries – November 2018

OOIDA life member Doug Smith of Bountiful, Utah, offers up some ROSES for Sherri Hansen of Utah’s Towing Enforcement Office.


autonomous vehicles

What does USDOT’s Automated Vehicles 3.0 mean for trucking?

Perhaps the most significant change in trucking from the Automated Vehicles 3.0 document: a CMV driver is no longer assumed to be "human".

robot driving driverless truck

Professor predicts grim future for drivers

Steve Viscelli, a professor of sociology at the University of Pennsylvania and author of “The Big Rig, Trucking and the Decline of the American Dream,”

Steve Viscelli

Professor spent six months as a trucker

A Pennsylvania professor was fascinated by trucks and truckers growing up in Rome, N.Y. With his father running a scale, Steve saw many trucks growing up.

Mafia Secrets April 2019

Mafia Secrets – Advice from the Boss Man

It wasn’t much to write home about when The Barons Inc. co-owner J.R. Schleuger from Britt, Iowa, bought it back in June 2014.

PACCAR transmission

Best of both worlds?

Original equipment manufacturers like Paccar and Daimler tout the benefits of AMT transmission over strictly manual transmissions

Kenworth W990

W990 wow

What’s shiny and new and bold and ready to rumble down the road? You’re right if you guessed the freshly introduced Kenworth W990.


Mafia Secrets April 2019

Mafia Secrets – Advice from the Boss Man

It wasn’t much to write home about when The Barons Inc. co-owner J.R. Schleuger from Britt, Iowa, bought it back in June 2014.


Ready to take the plunge and start your own trucking business?

Have you toyed with the idea of becoming an owner-operator but aren’t sure where to start? OOIDA is hosting a two-plus day class on all you need to know.

Maintenance Q A

Maintenance Q&A – November 2018

If you’re having drive gears replaced as part of a maintenance procedure, it may not be an issue. But if you’re changing just to save fuel, the payback period may be many years.

Tax Tips scams

Tax Tips — November 2018

Though the economy seems to be improving, I understand that obtaining a bank loan is a nightmare. How should I best approach financing the new rig?

Road Law

Road Law — November 2018

Also, you’re assuming that Kansas law and procedures are the same as California’s law and procedures.