May 2021

Red light, green light

OOIDA sends strong signals to lawmakers on the highway bill


Spotlight, OOIDA, lead copy, highway bill, May 2021

Red light, green light

As the next highway bill begins to take shape, OOIDA is working to get certain measures in the legislation while keeping others out.

Infrastructure grades report card

The infrastructure problem

Report highlights desperate need for infrastructure funding.


Infrastructure plan aims to create jobs, modernize transportation system

President Joe Biden touted his $2.25 trillion infrastructure plan as a “once-in-a-generation investment in America.”

bigger, heavier trucks

OOIDA: Bigger trucks not the answer

Coalition says effort would make nation’s infrastructure problem worse.


‘Discriminatory proposal’

OOIDA opposes truck-only vehicle-miles-traveled tax.

worker classification

‘Missed opportunity’

Department of Labor proposes to withdraw worker classification rule.

PPP loans program

Congress extends PPP loans through May

In late March, the Senate passed a bill to extend PPP loans. Days later, President Joe Biden signed the legislation into law.

FMCSA Vision standards

A new vision

OOIDA supports change to vision standards.

DOT drug testing data

Report says DOT needs to do more to publicize drug testing data

The Government Accountability Office suggests the DOT should do more to publicize its drug and alcohol testing data.

speed limiters

Up to speed

OOIDA lets new DOT secretary know why speed limiter mandate isn’t needed.

Polly Trottenberg, deputy secretary of the U.S. Department of Transportation

Important distinction

Trottenberg turns conversation from ‘shortage’ to ‘retention.’

Meera Joshi nominated to be permanent FMCSA administrator

Joshi poised to be next FMCSA administrator

President Joe Biden has announced his intent to nominate Meera Joshi to take the permanent role as administrator of the FMCSA.

NTSB, Tesla autonomous

NTSB takes Tesla to task

The National Transportation Safety Board wants to see minimum standards imposed on automated driving systems and called out Tesla specifically.

British Columbia entry level driver training standards

New commercial drivers in B.C. will be held to stricter driver training standards

New Class 1 drivers in British Columbia will have stricter driver training standards to meet in order to be licensed, beginning October 1.

Canada ELD mandate update

Canada ELD mandate update: ‘Soft enforcement’ begins June 12

When Canada’s ELD mandate takes effect next month, officials say truckers can expect a ‘soft enforcement’ period as the industry adjusts.

electric, hybrid vehicles

States push for more fees on electric, hybrid vehicles

Work continues at eight statehouses to increase revenue to address road needs through fees collected on hybrid and electric vehicles.

ticket camera

Legislation addresses ticket camera rules

Some state legislators are discussing how to expand the use of red light or ticket cameras, but others are clamping down on using them.

roadside drug testing

Roadside drug testing pilot program off course

Nearly a quarter of all positive results in Michigan’s roadside drug testing oral swab pilot program were later overturned by blood testing.

Indiana Toll Road logo, indiana tolls

OOIDA seeks rehearing in Indiana Toll Road lawsuit

After a federal appeals court upheld a decision dismissing its case against the Indiana Toll Road, OOIDA petitioned the court to hear it again.

legislation, state watch, bills

State Watch – May 2021

OOIDA keeps a close watch on legislative action in statehouses near you. Get the latest info from Land Line's State Watch.

The Truck Parking Zone

Will 2021 be the year for truck parking?

A reintroduced truck parking bill and serious discussions about infrastructure gives truckers reasons to be optimistic.

California AB5 Ninth Circuit

Fate of California’s AB5 in the trucking industry remains unclear

More than seven months after oral arguments, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit still hadn’t ruled on AB5.

traffic signals, stop lights

Shedding light on traffic signals

Report reveals how much time is wasted waiting for the green light.

transparency, automation

A call for transparency

Full disclosure of automation safety performance should be mandatory, OOIDA says.

CRST rest breaks

Court sides with CRST in lawsuit over rest breaks

A federal appeals court dismissed a lawsuit against CRST, dealing a blow to truckers alleging the company didn’t provide breaks.

May 2021

In This Issue:


MATS, Mid-America Trucking Show

MATS moved to 2022; other shows still on

The biggest truck show of the year has been canceled, but there are still others to attend this year.

Jon Osburn

Road to retirement

Jon Osburn, skipper of OOIDA’s tour trailer, has decided to retire from professional truck driving after decades traveling coast to coast.

Scott Heavy Movers moving mansion San Francisco

Mansion on the move

Scott Heavy Movers haul 139-year-old mansion through crowded San Francisco streets.

Josh Cox, Little Big Boss

Little Big Boss

Nine-year-old working as operations manager for Alabama trucking company.

Truckers Final Mile

‘If it wasn’t for their help’

Families grateful for Truckers Final Mile helping bring their loved ones home.

Mafia Secrets May 2021

Mafia Secrets – May 2021

‘Get after it’

Marty Ellis d rives The Spirit, the OOIDA tour trailer

New skipper of The Spirit takes on three tasks

As we head into summer, a new skipper is at the helm of OOIDA’s tour trailer. Marty Ellis has three main objectives as he hits the road.

trucker; dashboard confidential; inspection

Dashboard Confidential – May 2021

Helping the race to space just a little.

Memory Lane John Bendel May 2021

Anything can happen

Trucking in Manhattan can be quite the adventure.

Slight Detour May 2021

Slight Detour – May 2021

Immobile homes, falling couches, and swim aside, Champy, it’s the Stockton Kraken. All that and more in Land Line’s ‘Slight Detour.’

truckers, Roses and Razzberries

Roses & Razzberries – May 2021

This edition of Roses & Razzberries thanks a trucker who went above and beyond to return a lost dog and calls out unfair tolls.


OOIDA Foundation getting your own authority

The authority on ‘Getting Your Own Authority’

OOIDA Foundation video series walks you through the process.

Truck to Success May 2020

OOIDA’s Truck to Success course open for registration

Year’s membership included for those who sign up by Oct. 1.

Peterbilt 567

Peterbilt updates vocational models 567 and 520

Peterbilt updated its vocational trucks – Model 567 dump truck and Model 520 refuse truck – the company announced earlier this year.

Shell Rotella

Shell aims for net-zero emissions by 2050

Shell Rotella has set its sights on becoming a net-zero emissions energy business by 2050 or sooner.

H2 fuel cells, hydrogen trucks

Production of H2 fuel cell trucks are years away, but time’s flying

A few are running out of California seaports, and familiar companies are developing the silent and clean powertrains.

autonomous trucking cab

The push toward self-driving trucks

Despite claims, safety is not the motivation.

Kenworth T680 Next Gen May 2021

Kenworth’s T680 Next Gen a looker inside and out

There’s a lot to like about the newest Kenworth, from its digital dash to comfy sleeper.

Hot Stuff Cool Services, truck products

Hot Stuff and Cool Services – May 2021

The latest truck products on offer in Land Line's Hot Stuff & Cool Services include smart security, personal comfort and hands-free comms.


Maintenance, Q&A 2021 Paul Abelson

Maintenance Q&A – May 2021

What suspension and axle ratio do I need?

Trucking & Taxes

Trucking & Taxes

Business credit – what do you know?

Road law

Road Law – May 2021

It's not over until it's over.