May 2020

Always essential

COVID-19 outbreak shines light on how integral truckers are to everyday life.



Always essential

COVID-19 outbreak shines light on how integral truckers are to everyday life.

COVID-19 face masks

COVID-19 leads to first federal HOS waiver

Throughout March and April, regulations were eased and waivers were granted to aid truck drivers as they worked during the COVID-19 pandemic.


OOIDA fights for truckers’ rights amid crisis

As truck drivers risked their own health to ensure critical supplies were delivered across the nation, OOIDA was busy fighting for those drivers’ rights.

COVID-19 timeline

COVID-19 timeline

Land Line provides a timeline of the events related to the coronavirus dating back to Dec. 31.

truck parking bill


After years of no real action at the federal level, the Truck Parking Safety Improvement Act can be a game-changer for the truck parking crisis.

truck parking

A truck parking crisis

Tragic tales illustrate what can happen when truckers can’t find a safe place to park.

hours of service

Hours-of-service final rule sent to OMB for review

FMCSA sent its final rule for hours of service to the Office of Management and Budget for review, but it will still be months until the public sees the plan.

VMT Tax plan

OOIDA members deflate truck-only VMT tax plan

The chair of the Senate Finance Committee said a truck-only VMT tax is off the table after OOIDA members responded to a Call to Action opposing the measure.


FRESH Act is rotten for small-business truckers, OOIDA says

OOIDA says the FRESH Act, which would increase weight limits on the interstate for select industries, would be rotten for small businesses and safety.

Beyond Compliance

OOIDA: Beyond Compliance needs to be about more than tech

OOIDA opposed any formula that awards large fleets for simply buying the latest technology.

oil prices

Rollercoaster ride

A pandemic and oil price war delivered a one-two punch for oil and diesel prices, sending them to both record highs and record lows.

legislation, state watch

State Watch – May 2020

Legislatures throughout the country continue to work and issues that affect truckers’ daily business are on agendas.

absentee voting

More than a dozen states make changes to absentee voting

Concern about voters safely being able to fill out ballots for upcoming elections has spurred states all over the map to simplify absentee voting rules.

state legislatures

COVID-19 outbreak leads 28 statehouses to suspend, end work

The threat of COVID-19 novel coronavirus has caused state legislatures all over the U.S. to suspend or postpone business to combat the viral threat.

Kansas Transportation Spending Plan

Kansas OKs new transportation spending plan

A new transportation spending deal signed into law in Kansas is meant to ensure that funding designated for transportation is not rerouted elsewhere.

Maine Transportation Bonds

Transportation bonds question on Maine’s June ballot

The June 9 ballot in Maine will include a question about whether to once again use millions in transportation bonds for work around the state.

Mariposa Port of Entry

Upgrades to Mariposa port of entry to improve traffic flow

Truckers should have an easier time getting to and from the Mariposa Port of Entry in Nogales, Ariz., once an 18-month project starting soon is finished.

Oregon Governor Cap-and-trade

Oregon governor acts on cap-and-trade plan

The pursuit in Oregon of a cap-and-trade deal to combat greenhouse gas emissions failed at the statehouse. The governor opted to take action on her own.

The Parking Zone truck parking

The Parking Zone – May 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic revealed the good, bad and ugly when it comes to truck parking. Fortunately, the good far outweighed the bad and ugly.

R. Bryan Spoon, OOIDA Board Member

Know Your Board – May 2020

OOIDA Board Member R. Bryan Spoon has been in and out of big trucks for as long as he can remember.

OOIDA towing refund

OOIDA member receives $4,800 refund on towing bill

OOIDA filed a complaint regarding “excessive” charges from a Connecticut towing company. In response, an OOIDA member received a $4,800 refund.

Indiana overweight assessment letter

Indiana overweight assessments ‘improper,’ OOIDA says

OOIDA is is defending truck drivers who received letters from Indiana for overweight assessments that are sometimes years old.

Truck to Success course postponed

OOIDA postpones its Truck to Success course until fall

OOIDA's Truck to Success course was originally slated for May 5 - 7.

Coronavirus concerns addressed at MATS 2020

2020 MATS canceled because of pandemic

For the first time in nearly five decades, there was not a Mid-America Trucking Show.


Ignore the promises of CBD products

Advertisements for CBD products seem to be everywhere, but if you’re a professional driver, you need to ignore them or put your livelihood at risk.

AV 4.0

AV 4.0 lacks substantive data, OOIDA says

OOIDA has concerns about AV 4.0, the federal autonomous vehicle guidance, including lack of data and removing drivers too soon.

UCR fees delayed

UCR delays enforcement until July

The Unified Carrier Registration Board asked states to delay enforcement until July 1. The fees for the UCR 2020 registration year were finalized Feb. 13.

NOx emissions, EPA

OOIDA: EPA rules must be practical for small-business truckers

OOIDA says any NOx emissions standards for heavy trucks must not unfairly burden truckers, and owner-operators shouldn’t be “guinea pigs” for new tech.

May 2020

In This Issue:


OOIDA Member Markcus Davis

The truck drivers’ perspective

Markcus Davis, an OOIDA member from South Carolina, traveled to Washington, D.C. in March to provide his lawmakers a truck driver’s perspective.


Autonomous assertions?

Self-driving start-up splashed all over tech news late last year when they reported transporting a load of Land O’ Lakes butter cross-country.

60 Minutes autonomous trucks roundtable

‘60 Minutes’ covers autonomous trucking; spotlights OOIDA board member

An OOIDA board member was one of four truckers featured on a recent '60 Minutes' segment focusing on autonomous trucking.

Company Driver of the year

Company Driver of the Year award goes to OOIDA life member

Don Lewis, an OOIDA life member from Missouri, was named the TCA’s Company Driver of the Year.

OOIDA senior member

OOIDA senior member named Owner-Operator of the Year

Kevin Kocmich, an OOIDA senior member from Minnesota, was named the TCA Owner-Operator of the Year after being nominated for a fourth time.

highway angel

‘Fear was not an option’

OOIDA members Ed and Tracy Zimmerman were named the 2019 Highway Angels of the Year for rescuing a trapped motorist from a fiery crash.

Sonic Fordyce Arkansas

Sonic’s truck-hop classic

The Sonic Drive-In restaurant in Fordyce, Ark., was created with a drive-through specifically built to accommodate drivers of big trucks.

spotted lanternfly

Pennsylvania’s quarantine zone for spotted lanternfly is growing

Out of an abundance of caution, Pennsylvania adds another dozen counties to its spotted lanternfly quarantine zone.

Jon Osburn, skipper of OOIDA's tour trailer, The Spirit

OOIDA on the Road – May 2020

Take a few minutes and check in at The Spirit, OOIDA’s tour trailer, to get the low-down on federal and state issues facing professional truck drivers.

Dave Sweetman, Dashboard Confidential

Dashboard Confidential – May 2020

Sweetman's got some advice for those like him who are still trucking during the COVID-19 pandemic. Keep calm and keep the wheels turning.

Strange Things Filthy Lies

Strange Things and Filthy Lies Sanitized – May 2020

In these uncertain times, the truth is stranger than fiction. And that ain't no lie, filthy or otherwise.

Roses & Razzberries COVID-19

Roses & Razzberries – May 2020

The outbreak of COVID-19 has thrown the world into uncharted territory. But there were still plenty of "Roses" to hand out.


Brake Maintenance

Brake maintenance

Air brakes on a big rig are an obvious safety concern and therefore air brake maintenance is one of the major items that roadside inspectors check.

truck products hot stuff and cool services

Hot stuff & Cool services – May 2020

Several truck products, including LED lamps, high-visibility vests, and a portable charcoal grill, are featured in the May edition of Land Line Magazine.


COVID-19 safety

Keep calm and wash your hands

As simple as it sounds, one of the best prevention methods for the spread of any coronavirus is washing your hands frequently and thoroughly.

Mafia Secrets Featured

Mafia Secrets – May 2020

This month’s feature is a slight change of pace from our normal fully blinged-out rigs.

Maintenance Q A

Maintenance Q&A – May 2020

Is "found oil" found money?

Road Law

Road Law – May 2020

An OOIDA member inquires with Road Law about a situation where his commercial driver’s license wasn’t renewable because of several unpaid citations.

Tax Tips scams

Tax Tips – May 2020

The economy took a big hit due to COVID-19. How can I protect my financial situation from the pandemic since we don’t know how long it is going to last?