June 2021

Railroading truckers

Congressman decries minimum insurance increase for rail while promoting one for truckers.


Minimum insurace railroad signage

Railroading truckers into higher insurance costs?

Congressman decries minimum insurance increase for rail while promoting one for trucking.

minimum insurance

OOIDA not alone in minimum insurance fight

OOIDA has been fighting any attempts to increase truckers’ minimum insurance rates. Even better, OOIDA is not alone.

Risk retention groups, minimum insurance OOIDA

Everything old is new again

Liability insurance availability was a problem before – and risk retention groups were the solution.

highway bill

Setting the stage

Before lawmakers finish crafting the next highway bill, OOIDA attempts to push them away from measures harmful to truckers.

Infrastructure investment

Infrastructure plans – a race to the middle

Improving the nation’s infrastructure is a priority for Republicans and Democrats, but they disagree over the size and scope of investments.

roads and bridges

Invest in roads and bridges, coalition says

A coalition that includes OOIDA asked lawmakers to make a significant investment in the nation’s roads and bridges

medical examiners

‘Simply unacceptable’

OOIDA speaks out on technological failures that led to extension of medical examiner rule deadline.

Worker Classification rule

Department of Labor formally withdraws worker classification rule

A federal worker classification final rule to create an “economic reality” test for independent contractors was formally rescinded in May.

hair testing

Analysis: The long and short of it

Big Trucking pushes for hair drug testing method despite plethora of concerns.

stricter emissions, CO2

What could stricter emission standards mean for truckers?

The new administration marks shift in climate change policies.

ticket quotas

Bills look at ending ticket quotas

State legislators in seven statehouses are taking action intended to eliminate policing for profit via schemes such as ticket quotas.

left lane

States aim to limit use of left lane

State lawmakers in three states pursue rule changes they hope will result in more limited use of the left lane on highways.

Transportation Climate Initiative Connecticut

Connecticut moves closer to joining regional climate pact

A Connecticut legislative panel has taken the first step to adopt a Transportation Climate Initiative that could raise fuel rates.

California AB5

‘Any and all legal steps’

California trucking group reviews next steps after Ninth Circuit rules to end AB5 injunction.


M-CORES no more

Toll program repealed by the Florida Legislature but leaves two of three toll projects intact.

state watch legislation

State Watch – June 2021

In the June 2021 edition of Land Line Magazine's State Watch - find the latest trucking-related bills in Alabama, Michigan and more.

The Truck Parking Zone

Truck parking issues remain busy in 2021

A lot is happening in the world of truck parking, and most of it is actually good news.

OOIDA Mary Johnston Scholarship

OOIDA scholarship winners try to live by example set by trucking family members

The OOIDA Mary Johnston Scholarship Fund 2021 winners are; Jewell Cox, Colten Ballard, Jayden Hensley, Garrett Bennett and Kaden de Jong.

Canada ELD

Canada ELD mandate won’t result in penalties until June 2022

The Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators announced in May that its ELD mandate won’t be enforced with penalties until June 2022.

OOIDA Board of Directors

A packed agenda

OOIDA’s spring board meeting breaks down the top agenda items heading into a busy congressional season.

economic outlook

Sunny days ahead for the economy

The economic outlook for trucking looks bright, the chief economist for Commerce Trust told the OOIDA Board of Directors in April.

OOIDA President Todd Spencer, MATS Wall of Fame 2021

OOIDA’s Spencer nominated for MATS Wall of Fame

The Mid-America Trucking Show honors OOIDA President Todd Spencer as part of the truck show’s Wall of Fame.

Shift Into Success, Truck To Success, owner-operator

Building blocks for success

OOIDA's Truck to Success course helps place truckers on the correct path.

June 2021

In This Issue:


Nikki Weaver

‘I love trucking’

The second annual Women in Trucking Driver of the Year award was presented to Nikki Weaver, a company driver for FedEx Freight.

2021 Citizen Drivers Don Talley and Dan Porter

Top tier

OOIDA members earn prestigious Citizen Driver award for 2021.

Marty Ellis, skipper of OOIDA's tour trailer

Having someone in your corner’s good

Longtime company driver Marty Ellis says he’s glad to be part of something larger than himself as skipper of OOIDA’s tour trailer.

Lesa Worley, aka "YoYo"

You either know ‘YoYo’ or wish you did

Driving a truck is all she ever wanted to do.


39th annual Shell Rotella SuperRigs set for July 29-31

SuperRigs, the premiere show truck competition sponsored by Shell Rotella, returns to live and in person this year in Hampshire, Ill.

Ahmed Shaaban truck

Road Block

Trucker helps law enforcement end high-speed chase

John Schneider - Bo Duke

A trucking tribute

John Schneider, known for his role on the TV show “Dukes of Hazzard,” recently released an album as a tribute to the trucking industry.

Mafia Secrets June 2021

Mafia Secrets – June 2021

A mega-sharp 2007 Freightliner

Marty Ellis d rives The Spirit, the OOIDA tour trailer

OOIDA on the Road – June 2021

Trucker issues bring together drivers of varying opinions.

Memory Lane John Bendel June 2021

Memory Lane – June 2021

The history of trucking: Schneider ushers in age of ‘Big Brother.’

Dashboard Confidential

Dashboard Confidential – June 2021

What a long pre-trip it’s been.

Slight Detour June 2021

Slight Detour – June 2021

On hitchhikers, teamwork and ‘The Roadkill Café'

Roses & Razzberries

Roses & Razzberries – June 2021

We have roses for a friend moving on, a heroic truck driver, and a federal agency helping crack down on noncompliant border-crossing trucks.


Used commercial trucks June 2021 magazine

Tips for buying a good used truck

Do your homework before entering the market.

OOIDA member Christy Goucher, CJ Trucking Dump Truck

Moving earth

Three OOIDA members share their insights on what it takes to be successful in the dump truck and excavating segment of trucking.


Restyled and remodeled

Peterbilt 579 boasts a large digital dash, increased fuel efficiency.

Kenworth medium duty trucks

Kenworth upgrades medium-duty lineup

Kenworth Truck Co. recently announced an extensive redesign of its midrange lineup that includes a larger cab, new noses, and upgraded interiors.

Form 2290 authorized e-file providers

Form 2290 e-file providers

There are many websites offering 2290 services, but are they trustworthy?

Hot Stuff Cool Services, truck products

Hot Stuff and Cool Services – June 2021

Check out the latest truck products for your rig.


Maintenance, Q&A 2021 Paul Abelson

Maintenance Q&A – June 2021

How to prevent a cracked battery

Trucking and Taxes, Trucking & Taxes, per diem

Trucking & Taxes – June 2021

Learning the basics of per diem

Road law

Road Law – June 2021

Why is my driver’s license suspended?