July 2021

The truth about the driver shortage

(Psst ... there isn't one)


driver shortage line

The truth about the driver shortage

Claims of a truck driver shortage intensified in recent months. OOIDA stands firm that the problem is a driver retention issue rather than a shortage.

driver pay

Safety and driver pay are linked, economist says

Higher pay means better-qualified applicants and a safer fleet.

highway bill

Different routes

Contrasting highway bills introduced by committees in the House and Senate in early June provide a glimpse into what the final version of the legislation may look like.

Insurance Act, Chuy Garcia, OOIDA

A 556% increase?

Insurance Act would drive small carriers out of business, OOIDA says.

Medical Review Board

Examining the CME handbook

Vision standards discussed at Medical Review Board meetings.

medical examiner rule

Delaying medical examiner rule would be ‘troubling setback’

A second deadline extension for FMCSA’s medical examiner final rule would be “another troubling setback,” OOIDA says. It’s unacceptable.

NTSB Eagle Express 2019 crash

Medical incapacitation deemed cause of 2019 crash by the NTSB

The medical incapacitation of a trucker is the likely cause of a January 2019 crash that killed seven people in Florida, the NTSB reports.

FMCSA, emergency declaration, COVID-19, HOS

FMCSA extends emergency declaration, CDL waivers

The FMCSA has extended its COVID-19 emergency declaration, which provides regulatory relief to truckers, through Aug. 31.

regulatory review

Under review

OOIDA calls on DOT to repeal ‘unnecessary’ regulations.

highway protests

States take action on highway protests

Legislators in four states this year have taken action to adopt rules to address concern about protests that disrupt and block traffic.

Mobile River truck bridge plan

Planning groups approve Mobile River Truck Bridge plan

The controversial Mobile River Truck Bridge, which includes a truck-only $15 toll, has cleared another hurdle toward the finish line.

motorcycle lane splitting

Montana, Oregon take action on motorcycle lane splitting

Action taken at multiple statehouses addresses the practice of lane splitting by motorcyclists attempting to bypass congestion.

fuel tax

Missouri fuel tax increase faces referendum challenge

A Missouri taxpayers group is challenging via a proposed referendum a fuel tax rate increase sent to the governor’s desk.

Transportation, Connecticut, truck tax

Connecticut lawmakers send truck tax to governor

Connecticut lawmakers approve a truck tax. The action follows a failed attempt to adopt a regional transportation funding plan.

Pennsylvania no-poach contracts

Pennsylvania Supreme Court rules no-poach contracts ‘unreasonable’

A dispute between two shipping companies has resulted in the Pennsylvania Supreme Court making no-poach contracts unenforceable.

legislation, state watch, bills

State Watch – July 2021

Land Line's State Watch covers trucking bills in statehouses around the nation.

AB5 California flag

OOIDA lends support in fight against AB5

California Trucking Association, OOIDA ask Ninth Circuit for rehearing.

truck parking, atlanta, overnight truck parking

‘A serious problem’

The Atlanta Regional Truck Parking Assessment was the beginning of a long series of events to build more truck parking spaces.

Truck parking studies

Why are there so many truck parking studies?

A transportation research scientist explains why studies are necessary for the end goal of more capacity.

The Truck Parking Zone

$1 billion for more truck parking?

The new highway bill includes a whopping chunk of cash specifically for more truck parking.

Thumbs down on speed limiter mandate

OOIDA speaks out against speed limiter mandate

In May, two members of Congress introduced a bill to mandate speed limiters for large trucks and buses. OOIDA responded in opposition.

OOIDA Truck to Success course for those interested in being owner-operator

OOIDA’s Truck to Success open for registration

If you want to learn about becoming an owner-operator, the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association wants to make it easy for you.

self-driving trucks

Motorists still worried about self-driving vehicles, survey reveals

A survey conducted by AAA and Harvard shows people are still concerned about self-driving vehicles, especially self-driving trucks.

vehicle pollution

Vehicle pollution study says trucks aren’t the main culprit

A recent study looking into vehicle pollution deaths in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions found that trucks are not the main problem.

Operation Sideswipe

Operation Sideswipe leads to five more guilty pleas

Another round of plea agreements from defendants in Operation Sideswipe, a huge conspiracy in New Orleans involving staged crashes with CMVs.

July 2021

In This Issue:


Live From Exit 24

‘Live From Exit 24’ marks one year on the air

OOIDA’s live internet talk show provides members with an open forum.

NFL Player Brandon Bair saves trucker

Putting it all on the line

Former NFL player risks life to save a truck driver.

Highway to Hope, Wynonna Judd, SCF

Concert generates funds for trucking charity

St. Christopher Truckers Relief Fund’s first ever virtual benefit concert, “Highway to Hope,” raises $75,000 to help support drivers.

GBATS Guilty By Association Truck Show 2021

GBATS returns with in-person event this September

Organizers are preparing for an even bigger GBATS in 2021.

Make A Wish Convoy Greater PA 2021

Another successful weekend for Make-A-Wish event

What started as 12 trucks has grown into a weekend-long fundraiser for Make-A-Wish Greater Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

American Truck Historical Society, ATHS show

ATHS celebrates 50 years with annual show

Trucking group holds 50-year celebration in Harrisonburg, Va.

July 2021 Mafia Secrets

Mafia Secrets – July 2021

A brand new Kenworth receives a facelift.

Marty Ellis d rives The Spirit, the OOIDA tour trailer

OOIDA on the Road – July 2021

Reaching out to a wide spectrum of truckers.

Memory Lane Teamsters John Bendel

Memory Lane: The Teamsters yesterday and today

Columnist John Bendel reflects on his two days on the job at Charles Guyon Pipe and Supply.

trucker; dashboard confidential; inspection

Dashboard Confidential – July 2021

Something happening here, what it is ain’t exactly clear

Slight Detour July 2021 road to nowhere

Slight Detour – July 2021

Driving that road to nowhere

Shell Rotella SuperRigs 2021

SuperRigs ready to roll as in-person show

The 39th annual show is slated for July 29-31 in Hampshire, Ill.

truckers, Roses and Razzberries, Roses & Razzberries

Roses & Razzberries – July 2021

This edition of Roses & Razzberries supplies roses to employees at a Petro in Ohio and razzberries to a pair of lawmakers with proposals targeting truckers.


Smart Steering Tom Berg

‘Smart steering’ reduces at-the-wheel effort

Some systems help keep a truck in its lane and warn of wandering.

Michelin X Multi T-SA and X One Line Energy T2 retread trailer tires

Michelin launches X Multi T-SA and X One Line Energy T2 retreads

The new trailer retread tires may lower operation costs for certain segments.

Hot Stuff Cool Services, truck products

Hot Stuff and Cool Services – July 2021

The latest edition of Hot Stuff & Cool Services includes truck products like tires, shock absorbers and at least one bright idea.


Maintenance, Q&A 2021 Paul Abelson

Maintenance Q&A – July 2021

TV mirrors and lighting violations.

Trucking & Taxes

Trucking & Taxes – July 2021

Dealing with IRS tax debt.

Road law

Road Law – July 2021

Failure to respond.