February 2021

The Top Trucking Issues

OOIDA continues fight for fairness and to block regulations that don't improve safety.


Trucking's top issues 2021

The top trucking issues

OOIDA continues fight for fairness and to block regulations that don’t improve safety.

hours of service

Deciphering hours of service

FMCSA answers truckers’ questions about new provisions.

Agricultural products

OOIDA lauds HOS agricultural changes, asks for more

OOIDA filed formal comments on FMCSA’s recent decision to clarify agricultural definitions in the hours of service.

Coronavirus relief check

Pulling no punches

OOIDA blasts Congress for forgetting truckers in $900B relief package.

Rest area sign, yard moves

Defining yard moves

FMCSA proposes regulatory guidance.

rear impact guards

Annual inspection?

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration intends to require annual inspection of rear impact guards. CVSA petitioned for the change.

Piles of paperwork

Eliminating redundancy

FMCSA wants to cut a duplicative requirement.

Todd Spencer FMCSA Administrator

Time to hand a trucker the keys?

OOIDA’s Spencer makes a pitch to be next FMCSA administrator.

Diabetes monitor

Program aims to drive down diabetes

St. Christopher Truckers Relief Fund is offering a free diabetes prevention program for OTR drivers with a valid Class A CDL, approved by the CDC

Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse

Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse deadline passes

The FMCSA’s Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse query deadline for drivers was Jan. 5. It was expected that many carriers didn’t meet the deadline.

fuel tax rate

Fuel tax rate changes sought in multiple states

Attempts to raise fuel taxes are a seemingly constant pursuit at statehouses around the country. Upcoming months will be no different.

electric vehicles

Multiple states pursue boost in revenue from electric vehicles

A trending topic at statehouses around the country covers raising road revenue through fees collected on electric vehicles.

Transportation and Climate initiative

Transportation and Climate Initiative signed by three Northeast states and D.C.

The emissions cap-and-trade program could potentially cost consumers at the pump.

FDOT no trucks left lane

Motor carriers reminded of Florida’s truck lane restrictions

A campaign by the Florida Department of Transportation is reminding motor carriers of lane restrictions on certain highways in the state.

Nevada diesel tax

A Reno-area county adopts local diesel tax

Commissioners in one Nevada locale have added their county to the growing list of places in the state to collect a local diesel tax.

mobile morgues

An uncomfortable topic

Can COVID ‘mobile morgues’ be used as trailers again?

legislation, state watch

State Watch – March/April 2021

Keep track of trucking bills in Alabama, Florida, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, South Carolina and Utah.

OOIDA Foundation

The more you know

OOIDA Foundation educates truckers through video series.

Truckers for Troops

Truckers for Troops campaign again delivers help to veterans

Despite difficult year, OOIDA members generate nearly $30K.

SJ Munoz mug

SJ Munoz joins Land Line team

Land Line Magazine is proud to introduce its newest staff writer, SJ Munoz, to the team. Munoz brings skills as a reporter and photographer.

The Truck Parking Zone

The Parking Zone – February 2021

Bipartisan truck parking bill to take a shot in 117th Congress

Jason's Law Truck Parking Survey

Second Jason’s Law survey revealed

The latest truck parking survey shows what has and has not changed in five years.

Driver Turnover

Analysis: Driver turnover more than just a statistic

For the thousands of drivers involved, truckload turnover is more than a statistic. It’s a matter of serious personal consequence.


Despite opposition, FMCSA changes CDL test rule

The FMCSA is moving forward with a final rule aimed at streamlining the process for commercial driver’s license applicants.

FMCSA cargo securement

Agency allows heavy-haul company to use alternative cargo securement technique

FMCSA approved an exemption that allows a company to use an alternative cargo securement system.

Grote Industries

Grote Industries receives exemption to install additional rear brake lights

Grote Industries received an exemption to install amber brake-activated pulsating warning lamps on the rear of trailers and trucks.

trucker deaths

Trucker deaths mark record high

The Bureau of Labor Statistics recently released data on fatal occupational injuries in 2019. Trucker deaths marked a record high.

Pilot Flying J PFJ

Appeals court won’t reinstate convictions in PFJ rebate fraud

A federal appeals court denied an attempt to reinstate convictions against three former executives at the center of the PFJ rebate scheme.


AB5 not preempted, state appeals court rules

A California appeals court has ruled that the state’s worker classification law, known as Assembly Bill 5, is not preempted by federal law.

February 2021

In This Issue:


Collin Long, president, truck parking crisis oped

Truckers must rally against minimum insurance hike

In order to block an increase in the minimum insurance requirement, OOIDA will need the help of its members.

John Bendel, Land Line Contributing-Editor-at-Large

America’s interstates – we can do better

Land Line’s John Bendel says America’s interstates were built for a time when the population was less than half what it is now.

trucking history

Trucking History – February 2021

This month in trucking history includes OOIDA Executive Vice President Lewie Pugh testifying in front of a Senate subcommittee last year.


political playbook 2021

New season

New players, new game plan.

take your shot

Take your shot

You’re the expert on trucking. Provide lawmakers with your expertise.

call your lawmakers

Team meeting

Huddle up with your Congress member or Senator and start coaching them up on the realities and challenges of trucking.

OOIDA call to action Political Playbook

Get the game plan

You can’t play the game if you don’t know what’s going on.

Comments - Political Playbook

Your shot at shaping a regulation’s future

Disagree with a proposed regulation? You can make your comments online, and Land Line will walk you through the process.


Calling an audible

When things aren’t stacked up like you’d like to see, you have tools to change the play.

State Legislative Directory

2021 state legislative directory

A list of the best phone numbers in each state to contact your lawmakers about the status of bills and issues of interest to trucking and truck drivers.

truck shows

Truck Shows 2021: Will the show go on?

Truck show organizers are making plans as the nation remains in recovery mode, with some still unable to make a decision.

Transition Trucking 2021 Winner

Rookie of the year

Purple Heart recipient wins annual Transition Trucking award.

Winters trucking in hawaii

Winters in Hawaii

OOIDA senior member navigates narrow highways and active volcanoes while trucking through
the Aloha State.

Trooper Tracy Lillard

‘We see their struggles’

Illinois State Police officer uses Facebook page to educate public on how to share the road with big trucks.

Mafia Secrets February 2021

Mafia Secrets – February 2021

Appearance of yesteryear with all the modern perks

thankful, OOIDA

The Spirit swings through Texas in February

Jon Osburn and the OOIDA tour truck will be making stops in Texas in February, and odds are good a bowl of Texas chili is part of the deal.

Slight Detour

Slight Detour – February 2021

The open road can be a wild ride. A place of weird, wonderful sights and scenic byways. Join us as we take you on a Slight Detour.

Wheels of Time

Wheels of Time

Truck collecting strategies – a basic primer


Remembering Roadway

With its name emblazoned in huge, block capital letters, Roadway was once the second-largest LTL in North America.

trucker; dashboard confidential

Dashboard Confidential – February 2021

The roadside blues

Roses & Razzberries

Roses & Razzberries – February 2021

In this edition of Roses & Razzberries, roses are given those who acknowledge the heroic work of truckers in 2020.



Volvo goes electric

Company says new truck marks ‘significant step’ for electromobility.

International HX

Extreme duty

The International HX is built for heavy construction work.

Hot Stuff Cool Services, truck products

Hot Stuff and Cool Services – February 2021

Sanitizing on the go, road-worthy cutlery and other truck products and services on offer.


Maintenance, Q&A 2021 Paul Abelson

Maintenance Q&A – February 2021

Putting a long-parked trailer back on the road

Trucking and Taxes, Trucking & Taxes, per diem

Trucking & Taxes – February 2021

The new tax wrinkles from 2020

Road law

Road Law – February 2021

Think like a judge