February 2020

Gearing up for election year

With so many sitting lawmakers eager to connect, your opportunity to become their go-to trucking resource is huge.


Celadon truck drivers

Shutting down

In December, one of the nation’s largest truckload carriers announced it was declaring bankruptcy and ceasing operations.

Celadon workers truck

Laid off Celadon workers seek assurance for class action suit

Lawyers for former Celadon employees pursuing a WARN Act lawsuit say the company’s bankruptcy plan could leave little to no compensation for jilted workers.

Celadon Indictment

Ex-Celadon brass implicated in SEC fraud scheme

Indictments filed just days before Celadon shut its doors accuses former COO and CFO of roles in alleged multimillion-dollar fraud scheme.

Celadon Group timeline

Celadon Group – a timeline

Celadon Group began its high-flying and fabled history in 1985, and NAFTA trade carried it to the big time before things fell apart in 2019

trucking bankruptcies

A brief history of trucking bankruptcies

The Celadon shutdown will be remembered as the largest truckload carrier bankruptcy in history – at least until the next one, writes John Bendel.

Brian Babin driver coercion

Lawmaker asks FMCSA to address driver coercion

Rep. Brian Babin, R-Texas, called out FMCSA for not effectively investigating reports of drivers being coerced into violating safety rules.

drug testing rate

Drug testing rate increased to 50% in 2020

A slight increase in the number of positive drug tests in 2018 means that twice as many truck drivers are likely to be selected for a random drug test in 2020.

truck driver training rule

Driver training rule put on hold until 2022

Rather than roll out the entry-level driver training rule in phases, as proposed in 2019, FMCSA has opted to delay the entire rule until 2022.

EPA glider audit

EPA audit says glider repeal rule ‘lacked transparency’

The EPA’s Inspector General says the agency’s actions regarding a proposed glider repeal rule “lacked transparency,” according to a December report.

USMCA flags

USMCA goes to Senate after House passes bill

With only days left in session, the U.S. House of Representatives passed HR 5430, which will replace the North American Free Trade Agreement.

Beyond Compliance

FMCSA setting stage for Beyond Compliance program

FMCSA is issuing an information collection request so that it can begin to implement the Beyond Compliance program.

Ohio driver shortage

Ohio ‘misguided’ in driver shortage bill efforts, OOIDA says

An Ohio bill touted to aid motor carriers looking to hire drivers moves forward, but OOIDA says it is intended to address a “nonexistent” driver shortage.

Transportation Revenue

Transportation revenue a statehouse topic from coast to coast

Talks about how to pay for needed bridge and road work is certain to once again be prevalent at statehouses. Here's a sampling of some notable efforts.

Transportation Climate Initiative

Transportation and Climate Initiative takes a step forward

Governors from the Northeast to the Mid-Atlantic are moving ahead with transportation funding plan with a “cap-and-trade” program. One governor says “no.”

zero emissions

Up in the air

Several states and the nation’s capital pledge efforts toward all-electric vehicle fleet.

legislation, state watch, bills

State Watch – February 2020

Land Line delivers a roundup of state legislation news happening in several states, including Florida, Missouri, New York, and Pennsylvania.

The Parking Zone truck parking

The Parking Zone – February 2020

Looking back at the end of 2019, truckers should feel optimistic about the parking situation this year. Perhaps 202 will the “Year of Parking.”

Supreme Court of the United States

Supreme Court petitioned to hear OOIDA’s Pennsylvania toll lawsuit

OOIDA's fight against Pennsylvania’s tolls is not over. The Association asked the Supreme Court to hear its lawsuit over tolls it finds unconstitutional.

Jim Mullen meets OOIDA

OOIDA conducts first formal meeting with new FMCSA leader

OOIDA President Todd Spencer and Executive Vice President Lewie Pugh traveled to Washington, D.C., in November to meet with FMCSA Acting Administrator Jim Mullen.

Truckers for Troops care package

2019 Truckers for Troops brings in more than $32,000

Thanks to the generous contributions of drivers, OOIDA’s 2019 Truckers for Troops raised $32,574 to help U.S. military personnel at home and abroad.

Cleaner Trucks - EPA

Cleaner Trucks Initiative needs input from truckers

The EPA announced in January that it was publishing an advance notice of proposed rulemaking aimed at shaping a proposal to reduce NOx emissions.

Go-to guy

Making your voice heard

Many lawmakers know little about trucking. If you play your cards right, you could become a lawmaker’s go-to person for trucking-related issues.

Washington D.C.

Make connections in D.C.

Would you like to contact lawmakers in Washington, D.C., about a trucking issue but not sure where to start? OOIDA has the contact info you need.

Grassroots Guide 2020

Basic tips for effective grassroots advocacy

Grassroots advocacy is critical to the success of any campaign. Elected officials need to hear your voice and need to be held accountable to constituents.


Commenting on proposed regulations: It is your right

Disagree with a proposed regulation? You can make your comments online, and Land Line will walk you through the process.

OOIDA's Call to Action

OOIDA’s Call to Action

OOIDA issues a Call to Action to its members when lawmakers need to hear from the nation’s truck drivers about how a law will affect them.

Grassroots Guide 2020 initiatives

Take charge

When elected officials are not doing enough to address important issues, the public typically can pursue ballot measures to get issues before voters.

Grassroots Guide 2020 primary

Primary elections season approaches

In the coming weeks, primaries will be used by political parties to determine which candidates will go on the general election ballot on Nov. 3.

Grassroots Guide 2020 Directory

2020 State legislative directory

A list of the best phone numbers in each state to contact your lawmakers about the status of bills and issues of interest to trucking and truck drivers.

ABC test

Controversy sparked as easy as A-B-C

California and New Jersey have enshrined the ABC test in legislation. Years of litigation are ahead, and leased owner-operator could be affected.

Transition Trucking 2019 Winner Joseph Campbell, Jr.

Military veteran earns award, wins new Kenworth

Joseph H. Campbell Jr., a military veteran serving 24 years in the U.S. Marines and U.S. Army, won a Kenworth truck in the 2019 Transition Trucking contest.

Idaho hemp

Idaho to remain tough on hemp haulers

Stick to the exact letter of the law if you’re crossing Idaho with a cargo of hemp and you might be OK, according to an executive order from the governor.

Navistar MaxxForce settlement

$135M Navistar MaxxForce lawsuit settlement gets federal court approval

After several years of litigation, owners of certain Navistar trucks with a defective MaxxForce engine are closer to being compensated.

occupation hazard sign

Federal report lists trucking among most fatal occupations

More than 800 truckers were killed on the job in 2018, the most among all jobs, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ occupation deaths report.

February 2020

In This Issue:


Wendy Parker

Why don’t more truckers drive at night? Great question.

Paula from Denver asks why more truckers aren’t encouraged to drive at night. Land Line’s Wendy Parker says it’s a great question.

Terry Scruton mug

Virginia GPS bill can get lost

Technology can be the problem more often than the solution, as a new GPS bill in Virginia would show.

trucking history

This Month in Trucking History – February 2020

Johnny Cash, fuel surcharges following the Arab oil embargo, and A SCOTUS case involving a trucker and arbitration. This month in Trucking History.


Tilden Curl

Educate others about realities of trucking

OOIDA Board Member Tilden Curl believes educating others about the realities of trucking can only improve the future of it.

MATS 2020

What you need to know about MATS 2020

Are you considering attending the 2020 edition of the Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, Ky.? Find out everything you need to know.

Jon Osburn Spirit Truck

The Spirit swings through Texas in February

Jon Osburn and the OOIDA tour truck will be making stops in Texas in February before heading to Louisville for MATS in March.

Dashboard confidential, Speeding

Dashboard Confidential – February 2020

Land Line columnist Dave Sweetman looks back on the good ol’ days of trucking and recalls his need for speeding, and tools like "The Fuzzbuster."

Downward facing toilet Strange Things & Filthy Lies

Strange Things & Filthy Lies – February 2020

Someone found a way to screw up an extended poop-break by designing a “downward facing toilet” and other Strange Things & Filthy Lies from Wendy Parker.

roses and razzberries

Roses & Razzberries – February 2020

Land Line hands out roses and razzberries to the nice and naughty ones in the trucking industry. Check out and see how FMCSA, Kenworth and others faired.



Mutts4Trucks pairs truckers with canine co-pilots

Mobil Delvac and Pedigree have teamed up to improve the well-being of truckers through their Mutts4Trucks dog adoption campaign.

Gizmos and Gears Noel Perry

What happens to drivers in the future of trucking?

Noёl Perry, the chief economist for Truckstop.com, gives his thoughts on automation and the future of the trucking industry.

railroad tracks war on trucking

Off the rails

The railroad industry fired a fresh volley in its war on trucking, at a Congressional hearing, claiming rail is a better way to haul freight than trucks.

truck products hot stuff and cool services

Hot Stuff and Cool Services – February 2020

From portable coffee makers, freshening up on the road and quilts, we feature some new truck products to make the cab feel like home.


Road Law

Road Law – February 2020

Today is the day and your case is set for trial. Do you want to appear? Must you appear? Will you appear?

Lucky 13

Mafia Secrets – February 2020

In this edition of Mafia Secrets, Bryan Martin shows us a glimpse of 'Lucky 13,' Roadworks Manufacturing’s striking Peterbilt 389.

Maintenance QA

Maintenance Q&A – February 2020

Land Line’s Paul Abelson walks you step-by-step through proper wiring maintenance in this month’s edition of Maintenance Q&A.

Tax Tips scams

Tax Tips – February 2020

Questions regarding worker classification, QBI, and tax-related scams are answered in this edition of Tax Tips from the February 2020 Land Line Magazine.