February 2019

What's Hot & What's Not

With a shift in party control of the House of Representatives, we rank the top pet issues of lawmakers as to what will likely see action and maybe traction in the 116th Congress and what the agencies are still considering.


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What’s hot & what’s not

With a shift in party control of the House, we rank the top pet issues of lawmakers as to what will likely see action and maybe traction in 2019.

Peter DeFazio

T&I chair DeFazio, ranking member Graves sit down with Land Line Now

UCR logo

FMCSA sets 2019 UCR fees

For the second year in a row, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration slid in under the end-of-the-year wire and finalized UCR fees.

FMCSA logo on California map

FMCSA grants ATA petition to pre-empt California’s meal and rest break rules

Saying that the California law is “incompatible” with federal regulations, FMCSA pre-empts the state’s meal and rest break rules.

Graphic with OOIDA logo safety regulations regulation

OOIDA supports initiative to improve broker security regulations

The Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association supports FMCSA’s initiative to tighten oversight of broker security regulations.

used parts

OOIDA concerned survey on truck maintenance could lead to unnecessary regulations

A recent proposal to collect information in an attempt to create systematic truck maintenance requirements has met opposition.


New York ELD enforcement remains in question

The status of New York’s lawful enforcement of the electronic logging device mandate remains in limbo awaiting adoption of federal regulation.

Transportation Revenue road refund dollar sign

Transportation revenue on agenda from coast to coast

Talks about how to pay for needed bridge and road work are certain to again dominate discussion at statehouses across the country.

Yellow TOLL sign

Several states considering tolls to increase funding

As infrastructure funding is running low, and its future in question, at least three states are looking into tolls as a funding mechanism.

legislation, state watch

State Watch – February 2019

OOIDA's State Watch for February 2019 recaps what governors signed into law recently and the latest activity on other notable efforts.

Canada flags

Saskatchewan’s mandatory driver training begins March 15

Starting in the spring, applicants seeking a Class 1 CDL in Saskatchewan will be required to undergo at least 121.5 hours of training.

Truck Parking Zone

The Parking Zone – February 2019

Parking is an issue nationally. Land Line’s February 2019 Parking Zone rounds up the latest in truck parking news from around the country.

truckers at risk

‘Big Three’ truck stop companies add thousands of parking spaces in 2018

While federal, state and local governments are doing little to alleviate the truck parking problem, the private sector stepped up to the plate in 2018.

Gary Green

Know your board: Meet Gary Green

Gary Green believes common sense, vision and the ability to be aggressive but sensible are what keeps OOIDA a strong, professional organization.

Indiana Toll Road logo, indiana tolls

OOIDA files class action, claiming Indiana tolls violate Commerce Clause

Saying that Indiana’s system of tolls is unconstitutional, OOIDA filed a class action lawsuit against the Indiana Finance Authority.

PenDOT logo, Lady Justice

In his own words

As OOIDA’s lawsuit against the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission continues, new information is surfacing, including recent comments by Gov. Tom Wolf.

Shift Into Success, Truck To Success, owner-operator

Ready to take the plunge and start your own trucking business?

Have you toyed with the idea of becoming an owner-operator but aren’t quite sure where to start? Not to worry. OOIDA has a class for that.

Todd Spencer OOIDA board of directors meeting

Playing offense

With 2018 winding down and unprecedented forward momentum on the push to change the HOS regulations, the OOIDA Board of Directors looked to the future.

Tug of war

Communication warfare

In order to bring about change in trucking, the key is influence. When individual truckers come together and use their voices they can win the battle.

Be the Change - It Starts With You

Lead the charge

When elected officials are not doing enough to address important issues, the public typically can pursue ballot measures to get issues before voters.

Signing Petition

Petition efforts strong at the ballot

Citizens around the country acted over the past year to take matters into their own hands for getting issues they are passionate about before voters.

Fighting For Truckers - Keep Focus gauge

Never stop fighting

Ranking member Graves also has a long history of working on transportation issues, most recently as chairman of the Highways and Transit subcommittee.

Have Your Say commenting sign

Commenting on proposed regulations is your right

The rulemaking process, which arrives at new regulations that dictate almost any aspect of trucking life, is open to the public and you do have a voice.

U.S. Capitol building

Open the door to D.C.

Be sure to try reaching your legislators at their district offices when they are not in D.C. Contact information can be found on their congressional website or on their social media page.

OOIDA CAll To Action

OOIDA’s Call to Action

It’s up to you to join the Call to Action Team and help make a difference. Online? Visit FightingForTruckers.com to get connected.

Directory button

State legislative directory

Truckers need to be active on issues at the state level, but that takes communication, too. We gathered up the contact info for lawmakers in every state.

Trucking Business Card

Notes on being a grassroots prepper

Believe it or not, having a business card is still a good idea. The act of being able to physically hand someone a tangible object relays information and an action all at once.

OOIDA logo Board of Directors nominees

OOIDA sends letter to congressional leaders about per diem changes

Changes to the tax code brought about by the landmark Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 could have a significant impact on per diem deductions for company drivers.

Bureau of Labor Statistics

Trucker occupational deaths in 2017 reach record levels

Truck driving consistently ranks in top 10 lists of most dangerous jobs in America. Recently released occupational deaths data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics supports that.

YRC Freight logo

United States accuses YRC Freight of overcharging for shipments

The United States filed a complaint against YRC Freight, Roadway Express and Yellow Transportation, accusing the companies of systematically overcharging the government millions of dollars for freight carrier services.

Food Drop program logo

Food Drop program puts truckers with rejected loads in contact with Indiana food banks

Spoon learned about the Indy Hunger Network’s Food Drop program though the Indiana Motor Truck Association.

February 2019

In This Issue:


MATS logo

Your guide to the 2019 Mid-America Trucking Show

The Paul K. Young Truck Beauty Championship and awards ceremony will be hosted on-site, including Lights after MATS on Wednesday night and Thursday night

Strange Things Filthy Lies picking nose

Excuse me while I answer my leg

The road can be a wild and wonderful place. Especially when Wendy Parker gets to brings you the Strange Things & Filthy Lies version of it.

Dashboard confidential, Speeding

Dashboard Confidential – February 2019

It is the skill of using your peripheral vision (eyes in the back of your head) as well as honing the observation skills to see, feel and anticipate trouble before it appears.

Christmas gift bag

Sleigh Bells and Santa gives gifts to 33 kids of deceased truckers

Through the help of Truckers Final Mile’s Sleigh Bells and Santa program, 33 children of deceased truck drivers received an extra gift for Christmas.

roses and razzberries

Roses & Razzberries – Feburary 2019

ROSES to the unnamed truck driver who helped save the lives of a pair of dogs who were thrown onto Interstate 81 in New York from a moving vehicle.



The autonomous vehicle industry grows as the world watches

Autonomous vehicles are a really big deal – at least as far as news coverage is concerned. Major media outlets like The New York Times now have beats on it.

Driverless truck

Rolling robots not welcome

Not everyone is happy about autonomous vehicles. Some people in Tempe, Ariz., are so upset by self-driving test cars, they’re taking action.

Autonomous truck see-through

Pro-autonomous trucks report suggests bleak future for long-haul owner-ops

Several stakeholders have put in their predictions about autonomous trucks over the past several years, ranging from good news to bad.

truck products hot stuff and cool services

Hot Stuff & Cool Services – February 2019

Shell Rotella has developed a comprehensive line of lubricant grease products designed to protect and meet the challenges of life on the road.


medical examiner

Your Health – Holidays are here and you are ‘out there’

Every year truckers are unable to get home time during the holidays and become disappointed because they end up missing the holiday.

Western Star

Mafia Secrets – Advice from the Boss Man

Mitch Broderson is one of the chosen few who owns and pilots a Western Star 4964EX 100,000-plus miles a year as he moves liquid fabric softener between Illinois and Ohio.

Maintenance Q A

Counteracting uneven wear on tires

To correct uneven wear, find the cause and correct it, rotate your tires, and let normal driving remove the uneven wear.

Tax Tips scams

Tax Tips

I have heard so much about the new tax law that I am confused as to what changes will affect me and my family

Road Law

Road Law

Yes. Virginia, like many states, has a statute that addresses speeding that amounts to what the state considers to be reckless driving by speed.