August-September 2022

Regulatory road map

What's in truckers' path for the rest of 2022 and beyond.


regulations regulatory road map

Regulatory road map

In trucking, regulations come with the territory. Many, of course, are burdensome and make it even more difficult to run your business.

Guaranteeing Overtime for Truckers Act

Overtime exemption for truckers needs to end, OOIDA says

Despite opposition from groups like ATA, OOIDA continues to push for a bill that would help truckers receive overtime pay.


UCR Plan violates statutes, OOIDA says

OOIDA argues that the UCR Plan is violating its own statutes by stockpiling excess funds into financial reserves.

speed limiters

Speed limiters? Truckers say no.

Truck drivers say that speed limiters would be another example of overregulation and point to problems with speed differentials.

Robin Hutcheson takes over as FMCSA’s acting administrator

Hutcheson moves closer to confirmation as FMCSA leader

Robin Hutcheson appears poised to become the next permanent administrator of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.


Underride protections a focus for NHTSA

NHTSA is making moves regarding underride protections and began a search for candidates to create an advisory board.

Pipe Line Contractors

Pipe Line Contractors’ bid for exemption fails

FMCSA declined the Pipe Line Contractors Association’s request for an exemption from certain hours-of-service regulations.


Broker transparency a must, OOIDA says

FMCSA asked for feedback on the definitions of brokers. OOIDA told the agency it needs to start enforcing regulations already on the books.

Modern, Clean and Safe Trucks Act

Modern, Clean and Safe Trucks Act would repeal excise tax

The bipartisan Modern, Clean and Safe Trucks Act of 2022 would repeal an excise tax on heavy trucks and trailers.

Department of Labor Bryce Mongeon

Department of Labor hears opposition to stringent worker classification laws

The U.S. Department of Labor heard from freelance writers and small-business truckers opposed to tighter worker classification laws.

driver training

Driver training exemption should be denied, OOIDA says

A driver training exemption request from SBL Driving Academy should not be granted, the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association says.

autonomous vehicle crash

Autonomous vehicle crash data leaves more questions than answers

The first batch of AV crash reports is available, but incomplete and inconsistent data collection leaves more questions than answers.

fuel tax diesel button

Fuel tax revisions in seven states

July 1 marks the implementation of a mix of increases and freezes to fuel tax rates in states around the country.

primary elections

Primary elections season continues

Primary election season continues in August. Voter registration ahead of fall elections is also available in nearly all states.

automated enforcement sign

Automated enforcement rules adopted, pursued in statehouses

Action taken, underway in multiple statehouses cover rules for the use of automated enforcement.

rest area closed sign

Public invited to comment on future of Washington rest areas

Feedback from the public on the future of WSDOT’s safety areas program is being accepted through an online survey. Deadline is Sept. 5.

PennDOT toll

PennDOT toll plan blocked

A ruling by the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court permanently blocked a PennDOT plan to toll nine bridges across the state.

speed limit sign

Indiana town reduces speed limit for trucks

For safety reasons, an Indiana town is lowered speed limit for trucks on a highway. Its police chief says it isn’t meant to punish truckers.

legislation, state watch, bills

State Watch – August/September 2022

This edition of State Watch is the end-of-summer review of bills you found of interest, including those in Ohio, Louisiana and Pennsylvania.


Alaska seeks relief from entry-level driver training rule

Alaska’s governor is requesting an exemption from a portion of the FMCSA’s entry-level driver training rule.


Navigating AB5 – what’s next for trucking in California?

The California Trucking Association’s case against AB5 won’t be heard by the U.S. Supreme Court. So, what’s next?

Truck Parking Zone

Truck parking being addressed at state, regional and federal level

A cluster of states and some federal lawmakers are being more proactive about the national truck parking crisis, including a nudge from Congress.

New Jersey Turnpike

The New Jersey Turnpike vs. Sam

Why is the New Jersey Turnpike so famously ugly? Legend says the authority opted to save money budgeted for landscaping.


Amtrak crash revives rail crossings concerns

An Amtrak train derailed after striking a dump truck in Mendon, Mo. The trucker was driving over a steep grade crossing at the time of the collision.


OOIDA says truckers need flexibility with SEC standards

OOIDA is asking the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to give truckers some flexibility with proposed standards.

August-September 2022

In This Issue:


speed limiters

Truckers’ speed limiter opposition just a start

Thousands of truck drivers submitted comments on FMCSA’s speed limiter proposal. It should have been millions.

truck drivers

Truck drivers offer their 2 cents’ worth on variety of issues

More and more truck drivers are beginning to let FMCSA know what they think about a variety of trucking issues.



Leaving a mark on the industry

For Dean and Theresa DeSantis, their SuperRigs best-of-show trucks represent a life’s work. The awards are nice, but it’s much more than that.

trucks, trucking, history

ATHS National Convention and Truck Show pays tribute to trucking’s past

ATHS members from across the country brought their trucks to the 2022 National Convention and Truck Show. Annual event celebrates the history of trucking.

special olympics convoy ooida

OOIDA life member brings awareness to Special Olympics

After industry and community achievements, an OOIDA life member gets Special Olympics wrapped truck that will be featured in upcoming convoy.


OOIDA celebrates 50 years at GBATS 2023

The 2023 Guilty By Association Truck Show in Joplin, Mo., will also mark 50 years for the Owner-Operators Independent Drivers Association.

old drivers

Three cheers for old drivers. Hip! Hip! Ouch.

Really, let’s hear it for old drivers. When I was driving, we had more gears than today’s young drivers could even count.

Hardy Brothers Trucking

Hardy Brothers Trucking to haul 2022 tree

Siloam, N.C.-based Hardy Brothers Trucking has been selected to deliver this year’s Capitol Christmas Tree.

Mafia Secrets – August/September2022

Meet the truckers who got caught on the lot at Chrome Shop Mafia HQ in Joplin, Mo.

Dashboard Confidential, Dave Sweetman

Dashboard Confidential – Aug./Sept. 2022

In this edition of Dashboard Confidential, Land Line columnist Dave Sweetman shares a story about the tree of dreams.

thankful, OOIDA, tour trailer

OOIDA on the road – August/September 2022

COVID recovery could have defined this summer, but so much more has hit the fan. Marty Ellis is hearing about it at the OOIDA tour trailer.

trucking history

Trucking History – August 2022

Find out what happened in trucking history in the months of August and September, including speed limiter mandates and "Truck Driver's Blues."

Slight Detour Aug/Sept 2022

Slight Detour – August/September 2022

Just as many crazy things occur on the side of the road as they do on the road. This edition of Slight Detour looks at a few crazy roadside stories.

truckers, Roses and Razzberries

Roses & Razzberries – August/September 2022

ROSES for truckers to the rescue and a brand new CDL training school, while RAZZBERRIES go to diesel thieves and a bank fraud scheme.

Truck show calendar of events

Truck shows and events are in full swing in 2022 following the 2020 shutdown and a sporadic schedule in 2021.


OOIDA Foundation freight market update

Freight market info with owner-ops in mind

Looking for freight market information tailored toward owner-operators? The OOIDA Foundation has you covered.

Truck To Success

Hit the ground running with Truck to Success

The Truck to Success course helps drivers transition to owner-operator. OOIDA’s executive V.P. says the aim is to help all truckers succeed.

Form 2290 due Aug. 31

For most big trucks, the annual payment of the federal Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax and filing of Form 2290 is due at the end of August.

new truck supply

New truck supply remains scarce

Land Line Contributing Editor Tom Berg takes a look into the new truck supply and why it’s still difficult to get one.


Driving Volvo’s VNR Electric

If you’ve heard that electric trucks are fast off the line, you’ve heard right. The motor in this Volvo VNRe makes gobs of torque right from the start.

Trucking & Taxes

Trucking & Taxes – August/September 2022

This edition of Trucking & Taxes breaks down what you need to protect your loved ones in the event of your death.

Road law

Road Law – Aug./Sept. 2022

This edition of Road Law explains what it means to “take the fifth” and if it applies to commercial motor vehicle inspections.