Cummins X12 engines recalled over fuel injection system issue

December 14, 2021

Land Line Staff


Nearly 11,000 Cummins X12 engines are part of a recall due to issues with the fuel injection system.

Specifically, the recall affects Cummins X12 diesel engines, with part numbers D0S3005BX03 and D0S3009BX03.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the fuel tubes between the fuel rail and the injectors for cylinders four, five and six may fatigue and crack, which can result in a high pressure fuel leak.

On Cummins X12 engines with 75 miles or less, dealers will install vibration isolators to the fuel tubes for free. Engines with more than 75 miles will receive new fuel tubes with vibration isolators. Cummins does not yet have a schedule for the recall.

For questions, contact Cummins’ customer service at 800-286-6467 with recall number C2532. NHTSA’s number for this recall is 21E-099.

According to NHTSA documents, this particular recall affects Cummins X12 engines in mixer, truck, coach, emergency vehicle, refuse truck, recreational vehicle and crane applications. Issues were first reported in April. After an investigation, Cummins decided to issue a recall in November. No injuries have been reported as a result of the issue.

Several manufacturers purchased the affected Cummins X12 engines, including Daimler Trucks North America. LL