Colorado seeking truckers’ input in truck parking survey

January 25, 2018

Tyson Fisher


As the federal government puts state and local governments on the hook for solving the truck parking problem, studies and surveys from state departments of transportation have been popping up. Colorado’s DOT, in partnership with the American Transportation Research Institute, is the latest to join the list with a new trucking parking survey.

Conducted by ATRI, survey results will be used by CDOT to better understand the truck parking issues in the Centennial State. CDOT will address issues affecting truck parking, including the impact of road closures and where exactly parking is needed.

According to Jason’s Law survey results, Colorado ranked in the top 25 percent of states with the number of public facilities and for public spaces per 100,000 daily truck vehicle-miles traveled. The state also ranked in the bottom 25 percent for CVSA reports of illegal parking.

In fact, out of the nine regions in the country, Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association respondents listed the Mountain region (Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming) as the least problematic regarding shortage of safe truck parking by region, with approximately 15 percent indicating issues. Comparatively, nearly half of respondents indicated the Mid-Atlantic region (New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania) had a major shortage.

In December, Arizona released its truck parking survey. Much like Colorado, Jason’s Law survey results for the Grand Canyon state were favorable.

Responses will be kept confidential and personal or organizational information will not be released. To take the survey, click here.


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