Cat Scale prices up slightly

September 20, 2019

Tyson Fisher


Effective Sept. 18, truckers will have to fork over more money at Cat Scales.

According to its website, the cost of the first weigh will be $12 and each reweigh after that will be $2.50. That’s up from $11.50 and $2, respectively.

Based on replies to social media comments, the increase is “about keeping our promise to you to provide accurate weights.”

Cat Scale social media post

Cat Scale states that “the on-duty manager may elect to void all further reweighs until you are legal” after two reweighs, according to its website.

A reweigh for $2.50 may be charged, after the first weigh, if all of the following are true:

  • Same vehicle (tractor and trailer).
  • Full price ticket is presented by the customer and its number is recorded on the reweigh ticket.
  • Reweigh must be from the same scale as the full priced ticket.
  • Reweigh must be within 24 hours of the full priced ticket.

Cat Scale also offers an unconditional guarantee. If a trucker is fined for being overweight after weighing legal at a Cat Scale, the company will immediately check the scale. If the scale is wrong, Cat will pay for the fine. In cases where the scale is correct, the company representative will appear as a witness in court.

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