CargoNet warns of increased cargo theft risk during Thanksgiving holiday

November 21, 2018

Land Line Staff


Long holiday weekends typically bring an uptick in traffic and an increase in reports of cargo theft. Industry leaders warn drivers, shippers and carriers to be prepared this Thanksgiving.

CargoNet, a Jersey City, N.J.-based logistics security provider, says the total loss value of stolen cargo over the past five Thanksgiving holidays is more than $9.4 million.

Those losses stem from 108 reported incidents over that five-year period. The company defines the Thanksgiving holiday as being from the Tuesday before Thanksgiving to the Monday after.

The top three targeted states are California, Texas and Florida. The most common reported cargo theft location is a warehouse or distribution center, followed by parking lots and truck stops.

Keith Lewis, vice president of operations for CargoNet, says unattended vehicles are the most common targets for thieves.

“(Bad guys) are also going to be out there looking for those trailers dropped at those alleged, supposed secure parking locations,” Lewis told Land Line Now’s Mary McKenna. “It’s really unfair to the driver that the industry has put this burden on the driver now to provide 24/7 security on this load over the holiday weekend.”

Full truckload cargo thefts are staying static but Lewis says reports of pilferage of loads at rest, particularly at truck stops has been on the rise.

Lewis said drivers can put together some simple safeguards to help deter cargo load thefts, like backing your trailer doors up against an object that would make it difficult for the doors to be opened.

Other safeguards include high-security locks for gladhands and kingpins, or air cuff and steering wheel locks for tractors. Lewis also recommends using an affordable covert GPS unit mounted on the trailer.

“All these little things add up to big savings when the theft happens,” he said.

News Anchor Mary McKenna contributed to this report.

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