CARB fines two mega carriers for noncompliance By Land Line staff | 4/20/2018

April 20, 2018

Land Line Staff


Two mega carriers, Marten Logistics and Roadrunner Transportation Systems, have been fined by the California Air Resources Board for not complying with the Golden State’s Truck and Bus Regulation, according to a news release. One company was fined six figures.

According to CARB, Marten was fined $100,000 for not verifying that all of its trucks traveling in California were compliant with stringent rules. CARB will allocate three-quarters of that fine to California’s Air Pollution Control Fund for air quality research. The remaining $25,000 will go toward the Prescott Joseph Center for Community Enhancement to fund Northern County Breathmobile. The Breathmobile travels in Northern California and provides health care services to children with asthma in disadvantaged communities.

Roadrunner was fined $52,250 for noncompliance. A little more than half of the fine will go to the Air Pollution Control Fund. California Safe Schools’ Ground Truthing project will receive the remaining $25,000. The Ground Truthing project allows community members to locate and map facilities that could be potentially hazardous. This information is sent to CARB and the South Coast Air Quality Monitoring District for further analysis.

“Any company that hires or dispatches trucks for operation in California must verify the compliance of those vehicles with California law,” CARB Enforcement Chief Todd Sax said in a statement. “Failure to do so is a violation of law, and businesses that fail to comply should expect that they will get caught and pay the price. We do everything in our power to protect Californians from high-polluting vehicles and their many negative health impacts, including enforcement of our strict laws.”

CARB’s Truck and Bus Regulation requires older heavy-duty diesel trucks to be retrofitted with soot filters or replaced with a 2010 or later model year engine.