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OOIDA submits comments on petition to improve broker transparency

October 15, 2020


OOIDA has issued a National Call to Action.

The Association has submitted comments to FMCSA on our petition to improve broker transparency.

Earlier this year, we proposed that the agency should require brokers to provide an electronic copy of each transaction record within 48 hours after the contractual service has been completed.

The OOIDA request also asked FMCSA to prohibit brokers from forcing carriers to waive their rights under the regulation 49 CFR section 371.3 – the current regulation requiring that, quote, “Each party to a brokered transaction has the right to review the record of the transaction required to be kept by these rules.”

The Association’s comments discuss why better broker transparency is needed within the industry – and why FMCSA has authority to enforce broker regulations.

You can read OOIDA’s full comments online.

FMCSA is accepting feedback on OOIDA’s petition until Wednesday, Nov. 18.

You can submit your own comments at, and mention how you would benefit from better broker transparency rules.”

For those unfamiliar with filing comments with FMCSA, OOIDA’s YouTube channel offers a video that provides more information about filing comments.

Additionally, FMCSA will hold a virtual listening session regarding broker transparency from 1:00 to 2:30 p.m. eastern Wednesday, Oct. 28.

OOIDA will send more information about participating in the listening session when it becomes available. ​