OOIDA Call to Action to Ohio Members

November 6, 2019


Some state lawmakers in Ohio apparently believe the driver shortage myth being perpetuated by ATA.  We hope you’ll help us dispel this myth.  OOIDA recently submitted a letter in opposition to Ohio HB 222, legislation that would basically subsidize cheap labor for motor carriers.  The letter can be found by clicking on the following link:  OH – OOIDA to Reps. Stoltzfus and Howse (HB 222).pdf.

We also shared two recent articles with OH lawmakers that do a good job dispelling the driver shortage myth.  These articles can be found by clicking on the following links:  Driver Shortage, Commercial Carrier Journal.pdf and Driver Shortage, Forbes.pdf.

If you’re able, please call your OH state lawmakers and ask them to oppose HB 222.  Please reply directly to this email address with any questions or comments or if you need contact information for your OH state lawmakers.