Brakes and CVSA Brake Week

August 1, 2022

TA Truck Service


Did you know brakes still account for around HALF of all out-of-service violations?

Brake Safety Week is a critical aspect of the CVSA’s efforts to keep our highways safe, and this year the safety initiative will take place Aug. 21-27

Drivers play a key role in preventing out-of-service violations by performing thorough pre-trip inspections. Brakes should be inspected for proper operation and any excessive wear on a routine basis.

Make sure you’ve checked all brakes for proper adjustment and get them serviced if they are out-of-adjustment. Automatic slack adjusters should never be manually adjusted—this indicates a mechanical defect exists.  For example, worn s-cam bushings can increase the stroke of your slack adjusters, reducing braking ability and resulting in an out-of-service violation.

Always have air leaks repaired promptly, as they often indicate larger issues. Never alter a hose or fitting in your brake system. Doing so will change the speed in which your brakes apply, which can result in a very dangerous situation.

An important part of brake maintenance is servicing the air dryer and draining your air tanks daily. This helps minimize air valve replacements by keeping the system clean and dry.

When issues are identified with any brake component, have them properly examined and repaired by a certified technician.

Let TA Truck Service help you with your safety week prep. Their technicians can work on any make or model of a truck at locations across the country.

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