Big rig burnouts light GBATS on fire … literally

October 1, 2018

Tyson Fisher


You know you had a lot of fun at the Guilty By Association Truck Show when you spend an extra 10 minutes in the shower that night scrubbing off the rubber that sprayed on your arms and legs. That is the result of one of the greatest events at GBATS: the big rig burnouts with the Disher Racing family.

Two days later, and I’m still finding rubber and oil on my body, phone and other places. That’s how up close and personal the show is. If you get to see the Dishers burn rubber, prepare for asphalt on your clothes and smoke in your face.

It’s one thing to see these heavy duty machines spin around while observing from the other side of the concrete barriers. It’s quite another thing to be INSIDE the truck. Yeah, I got to do that. From what I have been told, I had the biggest grin from ear to ear when I got out. You’ll see why (WARNING: This video could make you dizzy and sick):

How cool is that? That was Joey Disher behind the wheel. He’s a younger guy but can control a truck better than drivers who have been trucking since before he was born. Very impressive.

Disher Racing tearing up the asphalt at the 2018 GBATS in Joplin, Mo.

I heard that Ray Martinez, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration administrator, attended the burnouts. No one noticed because we were too fixated on the crazy maneuvers these guys were making just a few feet away.

Below is a slideshow of some of the Disher Racing burnout trucks. I recommend checking them out if you get a chance.