UCR delays enforcement until July

May 2020

Land Line Staff


Enforcement regarding payment of Unified Carrier Registration fees has been delayed until July 1.

According to the UCR website, the UCR board requested that enforcement be delayed because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“State enforcement of UCR registration requirements commonly begins Jan. 1,” the website stated. “But since the opening of the 2020 registration period was delayed by several months due to a delay in the approval of fees, and with the more recent crisis brought on by the widespread outbreak of COVID-19, UCR is requesting that states delay enforcement until July 1.”

A delay until June 1 was previously reported. The fees for the UCR 2020 registration year were finalized on Feb. 13.


2020 registration fees

Fleet size Fee

  • 0-2       $59
  • 3-5       $176
  • 6-20     $351
  • 21-100 $1,224
  • 101-1,000        $5,835
  • 1,001 and more           $56,977

Once the fees are published in the Federal Register, the collection period begins. According to the FMCSA’s final rule, the fees will be reduced by 14.45% below the 2018 registration fee level to ensure that fee revenues collected do not exceed the statutory maximum.

Registration is open and can be completed at the UCR website.

Since 2016, motor carriers paying into the UCR program have overpaid the revenue due to the 41 participating states. The UCR board recommended reductions starting in 2018. The fees were again reduced in 2019. LL