Trucking in America poster contest

Truckers are heroes through the eyes of children

December 2020/January 2021

Land Line Staff


It was completely happenstance that Land Line brought back our Trucking in America poster contest this year. The decision was made well before COVID-19 changed life as we once knew it.

It’s been a rough year, full of challenges. Truckers have ridden an emotional wave of being lauded as heroes and treated as pariahs.

But there’s one thing you can count on. It’s how children see truckers. Many of the entries this year proclaimed the trucker in their family as a hero – and not just this year, but all the time.

That pride coupled with their admiration and love for the industry shown through in the 100-plus entries we received. Rather than keep them to ourselves, we wanted to share just a few more of our favorites and remind truckers just how special they really are. LL

Check out the winners of our Trucking in America poster contest here.


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