Driving jobs with safest drivers include trucking, study reveals

November 2020

Tyson Fisher


A recent study highlights what many in the trucking industry already know: Of the many driving jobs, truckers are among the safest behind the wheel.

A study, conducted by online insurance company Insurify, looked into the driving records of various driving jobs to see who had the least and most driving violations.

Topping the list, only 20% of bus drivers have at least one prior driving violation. Just behind bus drivers, only 23% of truckers have at least one violation.

Of the six driving occupations studied, only three fell below the national average of 26.5% of all drivers with at least one driving violation. Postal workers were the other drivers below the average at 25.5%.

The working drivers with the worst record were delivery workers. More than 32% have at least one prior driving violation. About 31% of taxi and limo drivers have at least one violation, with about 29% of valet drivers having at least one violation on their record.

There is a slight correlation with safety and pay. The top two driving jobs in terms of clean records have an average annual wage of $45,000. However, the bottom three driving jobs make less than $33,000.

Many trucking stakeholders, including the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association, have claimed for years that one key component to safety is paying truckers a fair wage. As wages drop, some of the most experienced and safest drivers leave the industry. Insurify states the wage trend “suggests that employees who earn more, and therefore may feel more valued and supported by their employer, exhibit higher integrity on the road.”

According to the study, truckers have an incident rate that is 14% below the national average.

Truckers’ safety records are likely not a statistical anomaly. With more than 1.8 million truckers, there are more than 10 times as many trucking jobs as bus drivers (nearly 180,000) and more than 100 times as many postal workers (nearly 14,000). LL

Tyson Fisher

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