Prime settlement deadline set for Dec. 7

November 2020

Land Line Staff


Former and current New Prime truck drivers and trainees have until Dec. 7 to claim their portion from a $28 million settlement.

The settlement followed a class action lawsuit that was filed more than five years ago. The lawsuit originally filed by truck driver Dominic Oliveira in 2015 alleged that Prime violated the Fair Labor Standards Act. Prime attempted to force arbitration until a 2019 U.S. Supreme Court decision sided with Oliveira. In July, A $28 million settlement was reached between the named plaintiffs – Oliveira and Rocky Haworth – and Prime regarding claims that the Springfield, Mo.-based trucking company improperly paid drivers in violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act, Missouri minimum wage law, and related laws.

Funds will be distributed to the named plaintiffs as well as about 40,000 potential class members who leased their trucks through Prime at any time from Oct. 2, 2012, through May 8, 2020, or those who attended training in Missouri to become a Prime truck driver at any time since March 4, 2010, through May 8, 2020.

Those who wish to receive their maximum share of the settlement must fill out and return or submit online the “Claim/Consent to Join Form” no later than Dec. 7.

The website,, has been created for eligible class members to participate. There also has been a page created for frequently asked questions.

On Oct. 5, the website was launched and emails were sent to potential class members. On the same day, court documents said that a supervisor at Prime sent a message through its Qualcomm system to every truck in the fleet telling them to not click on the link to the email because it was a “phishing” scam. Court documents also revealed that the same supervisor later sent a second message retracting the previous statement. However, attorneys for the truck drivers filed an emergency motion for corrective action, saying the original false message could have lingering effects that prevents drivers from making a claim. As of press time, the motion was still playing out in the U.S. District Court for Massachusetts. LL