OOIDA’s Call to Action

February 2019

Keith Goble


The next level for your commitment

For nearly half of a century, OOIDA has been squarely committed to getting the word out on important issues affecting professional drivers.

Through the decades the method of informing truckers has undergone a significant transformation. For much of the time truckers were limited to postal mail and hit-and-miss phone calls.

Thanks to evolving technology, OOIDA can relay info quickly to truckers about important issues. Land Line Magazine produces daily news online for OOIDA’s websites. Land Line Now broadcasts daily on Sirius XM. Social media provides the Association an additional resource to get word out instantly. OOIDA also taps its vast e-directory when necessary for instant Call to Action blasts.

OOIDA’s Call to Action team closely tracks hot-button issues being discussed in Washington, D.C., as well as in statehouses, state agencies and in communities across the country.

If you are not already among the 80,000 truckers looped in to daily happenings, it’s time you answered the call.

You do not have to be an OOIDA member to get updates on the latest activities that affect your business. Land Line readers and others in the trucking industry also have access to this resource.

Getting added to the Call to Action contact list is simple. Signing up can be done at FightingForTruckers.com. Simply click on the “GO” button under “Register for OOIDA Calls to Action.”

After receiving your alert, it is essential you contact your elected official(s), whose information will be provided; visit their office(s) for a face-to-face conversation; when possible, attend a meeting where they are present for discussion; or submit comments.

Calls to Action are the best, and quickest, way to communicate your views to those officials who represent you. LL

Keith Goble

Keith Goble has been covering trucking-related laws since 2000. His daily web reports, radio news and “OOIDA’s State Watch” in Land Line Magazine are the industry’s premier sources for information regarding state legislative affairs.