Mafia Secrets – November 2020

You’re a daisy if you do

November 2020

Bryan "Boss Man" Martin


When Truett and the boyz from Equipment Express build a truck, they give it all they got and don’t miss any details.

Their most recent creation, “Doc Holliday,” is a 2007 Legacy Peterbilt tastefully themed with quotes from the 1993 classic movie “Tombstone.”

Caldwell, Texas, is headquarters to Mr. Truett Novosad, and he is the man behind Equipment Express. They specialize in moving oil-field equipment and “yellow iron” wherever the loads take them. After many years of high quality service to a wide range of customers, Truett has built an impressive company providing reliable deliveries of a wide range of heavy-haul freight.

Novosad bought this truck just a few years ago, as a solid but average condition used truck. It was the factory wheelbase as you see it now, but he replaced the factory sleeper with this refurbished authentic Double Eagle sleeper. Next, he dropped in a totally rebuilt C17 Cat producing about 800 horsepower. Behind the CAT powerplant, is an 18-speed transmission, followed by a four-speed overdrive auxiliary transmission. Bringing up the rear is a 20,000-pound pony axle and a set of 46,000-pound locking rear tandems.

Mafia Secrets November 2020 story pic
“Doc Holliday” – a Tombstone-themed tractor.

No doubt about it, Doc Holliday is not just for show, but was built to earn its keep by moving the super loads.

A few other accessories Truett added were nine cab lights, a stainless bowtie sun visor, 20-inch bumper with a flip-kit, stainless battery and tool boxes, WTI rear fiberglass fenders, a one-off rear T bumper, an aluminum fifth wheel and all custom-fabricated frame covers.

Moving to the interior, he painted the dashboard as well as the floorboard. There is all new custom diamond-tuck upholstery. And he trimmed all the gauges, switches, pedals and shifters with a nice splash of chrome and stainless.

These are simply the highlights of the makeover. I could literally write pages of cool mods and custom touches that were incorporated into this incredible rebuild.

Like many of us, Truett and his lovely wife, Crystal, are lifelong fans of the movie “Tombstone.” So, as you make your way around the truck, and even look under the hood, you will notice many of the famous phrases from the movie. As you walk around the truck, you will see sayings like these:

“I’ve got two guns, one for each of ya.”

“I’m your huckleberry.”

“Every town has a story.

Tombstone has a legend.”

“There’s no ordinary life, just life, so get on with it.”

“You’re a daisy if you do.”

Truett, Crystal, Randy and the gang have been longtime friends and customers of ours for 15-plus years, and, best I can recall, they have never missed a Guilty By Association Truck Show event.

Their fleet is impressive, to say the least, and all trucks in the Equipment Express fleet go to work on a regular basis. There are no show ponies.

It has been fun to see the growth of this company, largely because of Truett’s philosophy of “We do what we promise,” and “We get the job done no matter what.”

Novosad leaked out a secret that he is working on a new project Peterbilt that will be equally as impressive as Doc Holliday, but it won’t be a blue paint scheme, which is customary for all of his trucks. What? I can’t wait to see what he builds next time. LL