Check out Lucky 13

February 2020

Bryan "Boss Man" Martin


Heads turn when this Pete drives by.

Check out Lucky 13, which was the official 2019 show truck for Roadworks Manufacturing of Lafayette, Ind. This striking Peterbilt 389 definitely shouts “large and in charge!” At a whopping 310-inch wheelbase, powered by a 565 horsepower Cummins ISX with an 18-speed transmission and 3.36 rear axles, this rig logged quite a few miles last year running the truck show circuit.

Driver-pilot Troy Huddleston steered and geared Lucky 13 as he pulled their walk-through display trailer from coast to coast.

It was a big year for Roadworks as they were celebrating their 25th year in business, and this was the 13th show truck they had up-fitted for the truck show season. Roadworks is well known for its full line of made-in-USA, top-quality stainless-steel accessories for all makes of Class 8 trucks.

Lucky 13, Peterbilt truck
With a 310-inch wheelbase, ‘Lucky 13’ is Roadworks Manufacturing’s striking Peterbilt 389.

Huddleston spearheaded the build, in conjunction with Davis Bros. Designs, to pull off a 1980s retro look. The nice mix of painted items, plus the liberal amount of stainless items, looks phenomenal and constantly drew compliments from thousands of spectators last year.

You quickly notice the vintage paint stripe design, which was complemented by the shiny old-school air wing on top of the bunk. The dated bug shield and the dual-round headlamps went well with the theme, too.

I could write a book, just listing all the cool upgrades on this truck. The one-off grille, the Double JJ blinker bars on the front fenders, the nine cab lights, “well-lit” custom deck plates and cab-sleeper panels, the reverse bow tie sun visor on both the cab and the rear of the sleeper, strapless air cleaners, WTI fiberglass fenders, stainless rear light bar and tailpiece are just a few of the highlights.

Then, check out the functioning horizontal weed burner exhausts and the cosmetic 8-inch chrome monster stacks, equipped with functioning turn signal lights in the tops. The inside is as flashy as the outside and features a 7,500-watt sound system with four 12-inch sub-woofers. Huh? My ears are still ringing.

Any red-blooded, hardworking, respectable American trucker would be proud to drive Lucky 13, and you can include me in this group, too. This truck is classic cool and looking at it just makes you wanna drive it.

Rumor is the team at Roadworks is building an all new show truck, which you can see unveiled in March at the Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, Ky. Be sure to come to MATS 2020 and see what the 14th show truck in a long line of head-turners will look like. LL