Mafia Secrets December 2020/January 2021

Anytime, anywhere

December 2020/January 2021

Bryan "Boss Man" Martin


Most of us have seen Fleenor Bros. trucks on the highway and been captured by their impressive appearance.

Company owner Kyle Cousins takes great pride in maintaining a late model fleet of sharp Kenworths to keep the company’s “anytime, anywhere fleet” moving forward.

Based out of Carthage, Mo., Cousins has put a major focus on diversification of the types of freight they can transport for their customers, expanding their U.S./Canada freight volumes and attracting some of the best drivers in the industry.

To back up the claim of “impressive appearance,” take a look at this 2020 W900L aero-cab piloted by driver Everett Ford. The truck is called “Business Casual,” but based on the miles Everett racks up, I question the casual claim.

Larry Lawhead of MHC Kenworth Joplin spec’s out most of Fleenor’s trucks. This one is powered by a 565 Cummins ISX and has an 18-speed transmission, 3.36 gears and 285-inch wheelbase. Lawhead also makes sure that these trucks are somewhat unique as compared to traditional stocking “lot” trucks. The black interior with cream buttons, factory paint scheme and deletion of visor, horns, and other unique spec’ing practices greatly aid in the upfitting of the truck to make it quickly look as impressive as “Business Casual.”Mafia Secrets December January 2020 2021 story pic

Everett got to trim the truck out with many of the accessories and custom touches of his choosing, and the list is a long one.

Air bag front suspension, 20-inch bumper, nine cab lights, stainless bow-tie visor, retro KW emblems, hand-laid pinstripes, Hogebuilt quarter fenders, custom deck plate and rear light panel.

I must say the black Seattle Package interior looks incredible. The painted and pinstriped dash, with all of the small custom touches Everett made, are equally as sharp as the exterior. As this truck primarily hauls refrigerated loads from California to the central USA, Everett painted “Truckin for Tacos” on his dashboard, because they say he struggles to pass up a taco truck as he makes all his pickups down the West Coast.

We have enjoyed many years of friendship with the Fleenor crew. Kyle secretly transported my engagement ring to Colorado and was in the crowd when I proposed to my wife, Sarah. Everett is like a cousin to us, as he is a longtime frequent flyer at 4 State Trucks. He even spent a few years working in our install shop not so long ago.

With the determination, vision and work ethic of the Fleenor leadership, you can look for great things to transpire at this company over the next few years.

Until then, keep an eye open for Business Casual. You will likely encounter it in the left lane, casually rolling 75 mph to make his next load, grab a couple of tacos and head back to Missouri. LL

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