Hot stuff & Cool services – May 2020

May 2020

Land Line Staff


Summer grillin’ on the road

One of the best parts of summer is enjoying food cooked on the grill. The HERO Grill is a portable charcoal grill designed to make charcoal grilling simple, clean and portable, allowing you to grill anywhere you go. The foldable grill features a 13-inch x 9-inch nonstick, ceramic-coated surface, is compact, lightweight (under 10 pounds) and doesn’t require messy charcoal bags or lighter fluid. HERO charcoal pods come vacuum sealed, making them waterproof and convenient to store in your truck.

Each pod grills for over an hour and captures all the mess of grilling. To extinguish, simply pour a bottle of water over the grill and dispose of the pod. The HERO Grill System comes complete with the grill, one charcoal pod, bamboo spatula, bamboo cutting board, a silicone-wrapped meat thermometer and a rugged, 4.5-inch x 11-inch x 15-inch waterproof carrying case. Visit or call 866-728-8332 for more information and to order.

Stop the drip

Ever spray a lubricant on something only to have it drip and create a mess? Spray & Stay Grease from Hot Shot’s Secret is an aerosolized synthetic grease that can be sprayed on a variety of surfaces, including metal, paint, rubber and plastic. It will not drip or run. The grease is ideal to prevent binding and sticking, reduce friction and stop bothersome squeaks, especially on vertical surfaces. Spray & Stay Grease provides long-lasting lubrication and protection and is resistant to water washout. It will not dry out, gum on equipment, separate or bleed. Suggested automotive uses include engine assemblies, gears, winches and axles. The grease has an operating temperature range of minus 80 to 400 degrees. It comes with a 100% money back guarantee. For more information, visit or call 800-341-6516.

A light in the dark

The high-visibility vest from Lee Valley is good to have on hand any time you need to be clearly seen in dim light. In addition to reflective strips, it features bright LEDs in the back and front, so your safety doesn’t depend on being directly lit by approaching headlights. The vest is made of thin mesh, weighs only 3 ounces, and doesn’t restrict movement. It also has convenient cinch straps so you can quickly adjust the fit if you add or shed layers. The zippered pocket in the back has a water-resistant section that fits a wallet or cellphone. The vest comes in small/medium that adjusts from 30 inches to 44 inches wide and large/extra-large that adjusts from 34 inches to 52 inches wide. It is machine washable and comes with two long-life button-cell batteries. Visit or call 800-871-8158 for more information and to order.

Hot new stuff from Optronics

Optronics International recently introduced two products – LED lamps with Smoke-Lens effect and Purilite Light-Shield LED with sanitization functions.

Smoke-Lens lamps are now available featuring darkened lenses that help them blend into a vehicle’s body contours, presenting a clean, noninvasive and stylish look. The Smoke-Lens includes 6-inch oval and 4-inch round stop-tail-turn lamps; a 6-inch oval backup lamp; and a three-quarter-inch PC-rated clearance marker lamp. The company also offers a 20-inch Smoke-Lens version of its Thinline series surface-mount LED stop, tail, and turn light bar with a matte black mounting base/bezel. The lamps, lenses and housings are made of tough polycarbonate material that is sonically welded. The lamps employ a solid-state, surface-mount device design that protects their electronics against moisture, shock and vibration. The new Optronics lens are regulatory compliant.

Purilite Light-Shield LED lighting technology is designed to sanitize vehicle air while removing hazardous particulate matter. The new lamps generate a constant stream of negative ions created by a proprietary coating applied to the LEDs. The negative ions provide decontamination and sanitization functions by binding to lightweight airborne PM2.5 particles, adding mass and enabling natural gravitational forces to remove them from the air. They also combine with positive molecules in mold spores and bacterial proteins, destroying them and causing them to decompose. With viability removed, the biological remnants are rendered essentially sterile, reducing exposure risks even if they are disturbed and become airborne again. Purilite also helps food supply chain and cold chain shipping companies comply with the most recent Food and Drug Administration, Food Safety Modernization Act rule on sanitary transportation of human and animal food.

Visit or call 800-364-5483 for more information and to find a retailer.

Push fuel efficiency to a higher level

Utility’s new Aerodynamic Tail is designed to streamline airflow and redirect heat away from the rear of the trailer. By doing so, the tail helps to diminish turbulence, reduce heat convection, and optimize thermal efficiency. The tail is constructed of a UV-protected thermoplastic composite and weighs just 25 pounds. The system is comprised of two black side foils and one single black top foil assembly. The side foils connect to the swing doors and deploy when the doors are opened. They undeploy when the doors are closed. The tail’s roof fairing does not interfere with lock rods or rear light areas and meets all DOT photometric requirements. For more information and to find a dealer, visit LL

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