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May 2019

Land Line Staff


Goodbye, allergies and pollution

The Wynd Plus personal smart air purifier with air quality sensor is a compact air purifier designed to remove dust, allergens, smoke, and pollution from a 3-foot radius. The personal sized purifier generates over eight liters of clean air per second, killing 99 percent of everyday indoor air pollutants. Made of UV-resistant plastic with a rubber grip base, the purifier is small enough to fit in the cup holder of your cab and weighs less than a pound. A stand is included for use in your bunk when you aren’t driving. The purifier runs on USB-rechargeable lithium ion batteries with 8-hour life and connects to a free mobile app via Bluetooth.

Visit for more information and to order.


Changing the landscape of on-road safety

The PreView Side Defender II from Preco Electronics is a side collision-avoidance radar designed to eliminate nuisance alerts, reduce lane-change accidents, and mitigate incidents in urban settings by monitoring your blind spot. It detects moving vulnerable road users while ignoring stationary objects, resulting in safer driving for truckers in crowded, low-speed urban settings. It also provides on-road lane-change blind spot protection through the system’s two intelligent operating modes. The new PreView v2 in-cab display equips drivers with more intuitive audible and visual alerts. The system’s slow speed functionality provides reliability and active safety alerts for over-the-road drivers. To get more information and to order, visit or call 866-977-7326.

Multiple-use alarm system

The CarPro-Tec GPS Plus from AMG-Security Technology is a wireless vehicle alarm system combined with a GPS tracker in one device. The system uses a room volume sensor to register any change in a tractor or trailer’s volume and a motion detector to register all movements in the trailer’s interior. For refrigerated goods, a temperature sensor also reports when the set temperature goes out of range, indicating a potential unauthorized opening of the trailer door. The Car-Tec GPS Plus includes a loud siren alarm and notifications are sent via phone call and text message to the driver and up to two other individuals. In the case of a trailer and/or tractor theft attempt, a gyroscope sensor registers the truck’s change in position. Installation is easy. No additional cabling for power supply is necessary, and the integrated battery secures the function of the device up to 14 days. The system is armed using a wireless remote control. The alarm module can be disarmed while driving with the system working as a full GPS tracker with entire route recording. For more information and to order, visit or call 404-552-2410.

Serious swagger for your rig

Alcoa Dura-Black Wheels are now available for the heavy-duty truck and trailer market in “menacing” matte black finish. Alcoa wheels are lighter and stronger than steel wheels for improved payload and fuel efficiency plus increased resale value over the life of the vehicle. Each Dura-Black Wheel is treated on both sides for flexibility of mounting in steer or drive position, making ordering and installation easy. The wheels come with high-quality, color-matched components including a black valve stem and a precision, laser-etched logo. Color-matched one-piece hub cover systems complete the look. Alcoa Dura-Black Wheels meet or exceed original equipment manufacturers testing and are available in 22.5- x 8.25-inch, 22.5 x 9-inch, 24.5 x 8.25-inch, and 22.5- x 12.25-inch sizes. To learn more and to locate a distributor, visit or call 800-242-9898.

An extra layer of safety

The Voyager CVPS19 Rear Sensor System from ASA Electronics is a new six-channel proximity sensor system engineered to add an extra layer of backing safety for commercial vehicles. The system comes standard with four sensors that install along the rear bumper or body of the vehicle. Two sensors can be added at the roofline to detect obstructions, such as awnings, signs and tree branches. The CVPS19 integrates with any Voyager observation system, and the sensor module can connect to Voyager monitors and Jensen touchscreen stereos with a camera input. The module provides a clear, easy-to-read overlay displayed on the monitor screen to give the driver visual cues when the vehicle gets too close to other objects. In addition to visual alerts, the CVPS19 also provides audible alerts through the monitor speakers. Visit or call 877-305-0445 for more information and to order.

Loosen up!

Pipe Break is an aerosol spray compound designed to penetrate between two pieces of rusted metal and help remove a fastener without breaking it or having to cut it off. Because of low surface tension, it is able to creep under moisture, rust and corrosion to free frozen joints, nuts, bolts and other fasteners almost instantly. It also features an anti-corrosion additive that forms an invisible bond on the surface, helping to prevent future rust. Spray the oil liberally on rusted parts and tap to help speed penetration. Pipe Break is sold in 9-ounce aerosol cans. For more information and to order, visit or call 844-4PIPEBREAK (844-474-7327).