Hot Stuff and Cool Services – October 2019

October 2019

Sharon Costanza


No kitchen or power outlet required

The BlendJet One is a portable and powerful battery-operated blender you can use anywhere to blend your favorite smoothies and shakes without the limitations of a regular blender. At just 3 x 3 x 9 inches in size, the compact blender is made from BPA-free, food-safe materials and fits in most standard size cup holders. The 5V electrical motor spins its six-point stainless steel blades at 22,000 RPM and the 2,000 mAh rechargeable battery makes eight to12 cups per charge. Recharge via any USB port for 1-3 hours between uses. Built-in safety features prevent the motor from overheating and the blades from spinning when the jar isn’t connected to the base.

The BlendJet One also features a built-in carrying strap and a strainer to filter excess pulp or chunks. For more information and to order, visit or call 844-588-1555.

Reduce tire wear. Increase fuel economy.

Tire Pressure Monitor Caps from Quick Pressure make it easy for drivers to check tire pressure at a glance without a tire pressure gauge. Constructed of precision-welded solid brass in a chrome-plated finish, the valve cap monitors indicate when tires are underinflated. Full green indicates correct pressure, partial green/red indicates underinflation by as little as 10% and full red indicates underinflation by 25%. The caps are precision-designed and calibrated for specific tire pressures ranging from 26 to 165 psi and are sealed hermetically to be air- and water-tight. Visit or call 425-298-8452 for more information and to order.

Because you need to protect more than just your truck

Scale can form in the cooling system from poor quality water or from corrosion products forming on surfaces. The deposits can reduce coolant flow in the radiator and other parts of the cooling system, significantly reducing heat transfer and leading to engine overheating. PEAK Antifreeze + Coolant from Old World Industries is a new high-performance product designed for superior lifetime protection against scale and corrosion. The formula contains 10 times the scale-fighting inhibitors versus the previous formula. It is designed for use in all North American, Asian and European passenger cars, SUVs, motorcycles and light/medium duty trucks, regardless of make, model or year. Its universal formula is compatible for use with any type of antifreeze/coolant and its amber-yellow color will not change the color of the coolant in the system. To learn more and to locate a retailer, visit or call 800-323-5440.

Get more out of your tractor

Maximize your efficiency and your equipment with the newest performance-engineered tractor fluid from Mystik. JT-5 Synthetic Blend TFX improves performance over wider temperature ranges and reduces the tendency of fluid breakdown at sustained high operating temperatures. Its shear stable, high-viscosity index maintains optimum viscosity to ensure efficiency, and the zinc-free formula eases environmental impact. TFX also features a leak-resistant seal maintainer to prevent leaks as equipment ages, and its double-acting anti-rust/anti-foam technology guards against system corrosion. Coupled with these added solutions and capabilities is an anti-slip formulation for efficient power transfer, plus excellent fluidity and start-up lubrication for a wide temperature range. That equates to reduced maintenance costs, extended equipment life and maximum productivity for your equipment. For more information, visit or call 855-4-MYSTIK (855-469-7845).

Save time and get going

Magnastop by Northern Lights Designs is an axle stop device that positions your trailer axle where you want it, the first time, every time. Made in the USA and designed by a driver, Magnastop features a magnet insert that holds it in place and a rubber face that protects the magnet, allowing you to slide the tandem axle to the exact spot you need it. It eliminates the need for a spotter and multiple trips from cab to trailer axle in bad weather or crowded truck stops. It places the trailer axle on the 41-foot mark easily the first try and easily balances the weight between drive and trailer axles for a smoother ride. To learn more and to order, visit

Charged accessory batteries, no matter the season

The new SteadyCharge accessory battery charger from Purkey’s is designed to monitor and maintain an optimal charge level in batteries serving trailer refrigeration and heating units. By constantly replenishing the battery’s charge, users can avoid depletion even when vehicles have been inactive for months. The charger is IP66 rated for exterior mounting on the trailer body and is built to handle the harshest road conditions. It eliminates the need for extra charging cables because it automatically charges using the trailer’s existing seven-way cable. The charging system’s logic controller includes a low voltage disconnect, which protects tractor batteries, and is programmable to any LVD setpoint. The SteadyCharge also features temperature-compensated charging that automatically optimizes its charging characteristics to match its operating climate. Convenient LED status indicators assure users of proper functioning and alert them of any issues. Visit or call 800-219-1269 for more information and to order. LL