Cool Gifts 2020

November 2020

Tyson Fisher


Holiday decorations have been on display at stores for a few months now, but the holiday season is actually just around the corner. Every year, Land Line Magazine scans the internet for some cool, useful, fun and/or straight-up strange gifts for the professional driver. Below are some ideas for a gift for someone you know or perhaps for yourself. After all, you deserve it this year.

Iced coffee wherever you go

Some people prefer iced coffee over hot coffee. Unfortunately, not every truck stop offers iced coffee and coffee shops can be a bit overpriced. With Elite Gourmet’s HyperChiller, you can turn hot coffee into iced coffee in less than 60 seconds. Store the HyperChiller in a freezer and simply pour any hot beverage inside. Within a minute, you have an ice-cold drink. This works with any beverage, in case you forgot to put a can of soda in the fridge. Check it out at


Shift into customizing your truck

Your truck is your home, so it makes sense to customize it in a way that makes you feel comfortable while including some of your personality in the design. 4 State Trucks has you covered for nearly everything, but let’s focus on something relatively inexpensive, easy and full of options: air brake valve knobs. The possibilities are plentiful: 44 magnum cylinders, eyeballs, happy face, sad face, armed forces logos, skulls, eight balls. Like another billiard ball? 4 State Trucks has them. They even have one that looks like the polished piece of amber from Jurassic Park. Valve knobs are a fun way to personalize your truck’s interior. Go to to see all available options.

Do your laundry anywhere without a machine

Sometimes the laundry facilities are fully occupied when you need them. If you really need some fresh clothes in those situations, there’s a solution for that. The Scrubba Portable Wash Bag allows you to wash clothes in your vehicle, outdoors while camping, or really anywhere. Put your clothes in the bag, add water and detergent, rub for about 30-180 seconds and hang to dry. That’s it. You’ll also save money by not using the machines. Wear the same clothes every day without anyone suspecting otherwise. Go to

Always be prepared

Natural disasters are happening more often and becoming much more dangerous. Tap into your inner Scout and be prepared. This travel size Disaster Deck includes a card for each natural disaster likely to happen in the U.S. The card tells you what to do if you are outside or inside a vehicle. A “Be Well” section on the back of each card also tells you how to stay calm and what to expect after a natural disaster. Since long-haul truckers can drive into any of these situations, it is good to be prepared for any of them. Take a look at

The most 2020 stocking stuffer

This has been one strange year that was kicked off with the COVID-19 pandemic. That situation has decimated industries. At the same time, it has created new business opportunities. For example, this contactless door opener fits on a keychain and allows you to open doors without touching them. Additionally, you can use touchscreens and press elevator buttons without potentially exposing yourself to the virus. These things are cheap and usually fit on a keychain. You can find one at many retail stores and truck stops.

A gift for the content creators

Back in the day you needed tens of thousands of dollars in equipment to broadcast video. Today, you need a phone. Truckers that like to broadcast from their truck can take it to the next level with Roland’s Go:Livecast production studio for smartphones and tablets. The portable device hooks up to your phone to make your live videos look more professional. Features include sound mixing, title displays, media playback and sound effects. At about $250, it’s cheaper than rigging up a webcam to a computer and audiovisual equipment. Check it out at

Stay fit on the road

With the pandemic forcing people out of gyms, the at-home workout industry is booming, which often applies to your home on wheels. Power Reels is a portable commercial-grade piece of exercise equipment that provides constant resistance with multidirectional movements, according to its website. It comes in 3-, 5- and 8-pound models. Buy one and get unlimited access to online exercises and workouts. Power Reels’ small size is perfect for the professional driver trying to keep in shape. More details can be found at

Keep your cat co-pilot calm

Generally speaking, cats are not as thrilled as dogs when it comes to traveling. If your cat is not the exception, there are ways to keep your feline friend chill. Feliway’s Classic Spray sends “happy messages” to your cat that will make them feel more comfortable in his or her surroundings. Apply the travel spray to the cab every four or five hours to ensure your cat is ready to become a fellow road do – err – road cat! Go to or check your local pet supply store.

In case you win the lottery …

Speaking of natural disasters, owning a home in Charleston, S.C., can be a risky move considering the uptick in powerful hurricanes, especially if it’s sitting right on the coastline. If you desire beachfront property and peace of mind (and happen to have $5 million to spend on a home), there’s a house for sale for you. Named “Eye of the Storm,” the Sullivan’s Island home is marketed as being hurricane-proof. The concrete and steel dome home was built to replace a home destroyed by Hurricane Hugo and includes its own bank vault. Ignore mandatory evacuation orders knowing you will be safe at home.

These boots are made for working

Every hardworking trucker needs a good pair of boots. Durability and comfort are hard to find together. Caterpillar’s Cat Alaska 2.0 8-inch waterproof Thinsulate steel toe work boot offers both of those things and more. This boot includes electrical hazard protection, Goodyear welt construction, waterproof leather and thermal technology to keep those feet warm during the winter. A nylon mesh sock liner and dual density EASE footbed provide breathability, comfort and shock absorption.

Wear your tools on your wrist

Smartwatches and other “wearables” are all the rage right now, but can any of them open a bottle or break glass? No, they can’t, but Leatherman’s Tread bracelet can do those things and much more. Marketed as the world’s first wearable multitool, the Tread includes 29 tools with customizable links. Tools include flat/Phillips screwdrivers, hex drivers, box wrenches, square drive, socket drive adapter, oxygen tank wrench, carbide glass breaker, cutting hook, bottle opener and a SIM card tool. The bracelets come in black or silver stainless steel and also are available as a watch. Combine the bracelet with BestTechTool’s watch adapter with a smartwatch, and you’ll have the most useful watch imaginable.

Play games on your smartphone with ease

Hooking up a video game console in your truck can be cumbersome. Besides, you can play many, if not most, games on your phone nowadays. Big hands can make that rather difficult. The solution: GameSir’s G5 Bluetooth mobile game controller for Android and iPhone. Slap your phone on the clip, hook up the controller via Bluetooth, and start playing mobile games on your phone like you’re playing on an Xbox or PlayStation. It’s the perfect solution for the gamer on the go. LL

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