Arkansas State Police announce campaign to crack down on speeding

July 15, 2022

Ryan Witkowski


Drivers in Arkansas will want to keep a close eye on their speedometers over the coming weeks. Beginning July 18, police across the state will be cracking down on speeding as part of their “Obey the Sign or Pay the Fine” campaign.

The two week campaign was announced by the Arkansas State Police through their Facebook page on July 13. According to the post, the emphasis on speeding is in response to a continued rise in violations statewide.

Col. Bill Bryant, director of the Arkansas State Police and the Governor’s highway safety representative, said the crackdown on speeding will help to keep all motorists safer on the roads.

“It’s an acknowledged fact, as a motor vehicle speed increases, so do the risks of injuries and deaths on roadways,” Bryant said in a press release. “A driver exceeding the posted speed limit is less likely to avoid a hazardous object in the road, safely steer away from another vehicle or negotiate an unfamiliar curve or highway exit.”

The link between speeding and fatal crashes is well founded. According to data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 11,258 people were killed in speeding-related crashes in 2020, accounting for 29% of all fatal crashes in the U.S.

“Much like impaired driving, speeding is a selfish choice that can have deadly consequences for the driver, vehicle passengers, other drivers, and pedestrians,” the Arkansas State Police statement read. “Speeding not only affects a driver’s ability to steer properly, but also affects stopping distances. Even the safest cars equipped with the newest safety technology have limitations in the advances made to reduce the odds of a crash.”

Bryant said that with a goal of safety in mind, police across the state will be strictly enforcing the posted speed limits.

“During the upcoming special speed enforcement operation, state troopers and other law enforcement officers won’t be accepting excuses, the posted speed limit is the law,” Bryant said. “Our goal will always be to save lives.”

Arkansas’ campaign to curtail speeding will begin on the heels of Operation Safe Driver week, which wraps up July 16. The yearly awareness week coordinated by the Commercial Motor Safety Alliance targets driver behaviors that negatively impact safety. This year’s focus was on speeding.

However, Arkansas isn’t the only state cracking down on speeding. Beginning on July 18, five states will participate in “Operation Southern Slow Down”. Alabama, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and Tennessee will all participate in the weeklong campaign.

Allen Poole, director of the Georgia Governor’s office of highway safety, didn’t mince words when it came to speeders in his state.

“The majority of people driving in a safe and legal manner should not have to worry about their safety from selfish drivers who show no regard for their safety and the safety of others with their disregard for speed limits and other highway safety laws,” Poole told the Grundy County Herald. “Georgia is once again ready to work with our friends in our neighboring states to protect all road users by putting these dangerous drivers on the shoulder of the road and issuing them a ticket.” LL