Arizona’s truck permitting system going fully cashless

December 17, 2020

Land Line Staff


Starting next year, Arizona’s truck permitting system will be digital only, eliminating the cash payment option.

On Dec. 16, the Arizona Department of Transportation announced that its truck permitting system will go fully cashless beginning Jan. 1. Truckers will need to pay through ADOT’s ePro or Transport web portal.

According to a news release, the cashless system began as a pilot program. Currently, about 80% of carriers using Arizona’s truck permitting system use the cashless system. ADOT’s Enforcement and Compliance Division has been encouraging the other 20% of truckers to pay for permits online using Apple Pay, Android Pay or a credit card.

“We have been getting a feel from the trucking industry on how much they would support this change, and the feedback has been positive,” Lt. Jason Sloan, team lead for implementing the change, said in a statement. “This improvement will help eliminate waste and maximize resources available at ports of entry to process commercial traffic faster.”

In addition to moving trucks more efficiently through ports of entry, a cashless truck permitting system also aligns with recommendations by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to curb the spread of COVID-19 through the exchange of currency, according to ADOT.

ADOT also claims the cashless truck permitting system will allow more officers to be available for enforcement duties. With a cash option, some officers have to drive from a remote port of entry to a financial institution to deposit the cash and checks collected.

Arizona is developing a new commercial permitting system that will support the move to cashless and touchless that is expected to be operational by the end of next year. No further details were available as of publication.

Information about ADOT’s ePro can be found here. According to the website, users are to use Internet Explorer only. Other internet browsers may not be compatible with some of the website’s features.  The Transport truck permitting system is primarily for international carriers coming out of Mexico. LL